• Former prosecutor on Hunter Biden: 'Anybody else would have been indict

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    By Fox News Staff
    Published April 1, 2022

    Former federal prosecutor Brett Tolman joined "Fox & Friends First"
    Friday to discuss the GOP calling for an investigation into Hunter
    Biden's foreign business activities and how this could involve
    President Biden. Tolman emphasized the need for FISA warrants and a
    team of lawyers to investigate these claims. The White House Thursday
    stood by President Biden's past assertion that "nothing unethical"

    BRETT TOLMAN: Well, from [Tony] Bobulinski testimony, who was a
    business partner of Hunter Biden's, along with the contents of several
    emails, you have the possibility that it's Jill Biden, Joe Biden and
    James Biden, the uncle, as well as Hunter Biden and then various others
    that facilitated their ability to take money from countries. Large
    amounts, millions of dollars we're talking about and to be able to hide
    that from the government and to hide what they were buying with that
    money … we're afraid to see, maybe access that was given to the vice president at the time?

    I would be issuing, months ago, I would have issued search warrants, I
    would have requested FISA warrants to uncover what was happening with
    China. I would have put together a team of people. I know that there
    are U.S. attorneys that are well-meaning, and the U.S. attorney in
    Delaware, for example, has had this case for a long time. Anybody else
    in this country, we would have seen these indictments probably before
    the election.


    The FBI director that tried to conceal the laptop should be indicted
    for obstruction of justice.

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