• SEE IT: Hunching Biden deemed 'defining image' as president struggles t

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    By Lindsay Kornick
    Published 12 hours ago

    Twitter users reacted to what some claimed to be the "defining image"
    of President Biden’s news conference on the Afghanistan crisis Thursday.

    On Thursday, Biden held another press briefing to discuss the recent
    bombings at Kabul’s airport in Afghanistan that resulted in the death
    of 13 U.S. service members and wounding more than a dozen others.

    After condemning ISIS-K for the attack, Biden took questions from the
    press, including Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

    Doocy asked Biden if he accepts responsibility for the way things have
    unfolded in Afghanistan in the last two weeks.

    Biden responded "I bear responsibility for fundamental all that’s
    happened of late."

    However, he also invoked former President Donald Trump and his
    announcement to pull troops from Afghanistan.

    "You know as well as I do that a former president made a deal with the
    Taliban that he would get all American forced out of Afghanistan by May
    1," Biden said.

    This led to a tense exchange between the two where Biden proceeded to
    tilt his head down as Doocy continued to ask questions.

    The image of Biden’s head down was quickly shared across Twitter with
    several people calling it a "defining" image of the Biden

    Republican consultant Matt Whitlock shared the image with the tag "A
    defining image."

    "Even Joe Biden's sign language interpreter gave up," Caleb Hull


    Biden looks like a pathetic old man that has given up all hope.

    The Commander in Chief is supposed to be a tower of strength, that
    stands up straight and looks people in the eye, not clasp his hands and
    bow his head in defeat.

    The man is not fit to do the job, and should resign, or be removed from

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