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    On Jul 28, 2021, David Dalton wrote
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    As of 11:01 p.m. NDT July 27 (0131 UTC July 28)
    there should now be a bounce (not necessarily a
    simple bounce, but it would be a negative effect
    on the spell caster) for a vast array of black magick
    (magick with a negative goodness measure as
    defined by each of my eight main deities).

    Some spells are indeterminate and can be
    used either for negative or positive purposes.

    For example, a hex on a non-criminal counts
    as negative magick, and a hex on a criminal
    could count as positive magick if it doesn’t
    go overboard.

    Also a money spell cast by a poor person and
    not drawing on other poor people counts
    as positive magick, whereas a money
    spell cast by a rich person counts as
    as negative magick.

    And of course black (negative) and white (positive)
    magick has nothing to do with the colour of
    anyone’s skin.

    I also funnelled tendencies to sin that I have
    experienced, and so did past avatar types and
    those in their shaktipat lineage. (This I think
    is similar to Jesus being tempted by Satan
    in the wilderness. Also even if someone
    is extremely good, that doesn’t mean they
    are free from tendencies to sin, just that
    they resist/deny them.) Such sins were
    supposedly adjusted this evening and
    should no longer occur, but past sinners
    will still have to work off their past sins,

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