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    In late November, depositions began as part of TST’s equal protection andbreach-of-contract claims that were asserted against Belle Plaine, Minnesota,when they rescinded their promise to allow the display of
    our Satanic statuealongside a Christian statue on public grounds. The
    case began in 2019 whenthe Belle Plaine Veterans Club donated a
    statue with Christan imagery to bedisplayed in Belle Plaine Memorial

    This consequently opened a “public forum,” which permits the display ofmonuments from other faiths in accordance with the First Amendment.

    Because TST has many members in the military, we thought it would
    beappropriate to participate. After months of construction and a
    great deal ofexpense, we created a reverent statue that honors those
    in Belle Plaine whohave served in the armed forces. The monument was
    completed and plans werebeing made to transport the monument from
    Salem, Massachusetts, to BellePlaine, Minnesota, when the city
    abruptly rescinded its invitation. The cityrefused to reimburse TST
    for the costs incurred, so TST sued Belle Plaine forreligious
    discrimination and for breaking their agreement to allow the
    displayof our statue.

    The US District Court of Minnesota has allowed our case to proceed
    butrequires that we elaborate on our equal protection claim. Our
    position is thatif TST had been a Christian group, the permit would
    have never been rescinded,therefore constituting a violation of equal protection. The Court acceptedthat the invitation revocation could
    constitute a breach-of-contract claim asTST would not have incurred
    the costs for the statue if the promise to displayit in the memorial
    park was not made.

    The depositions will continue into the new year, and a teleconference
    hearingin front of a judge in Belle Plaine on Thursday of this week
    will furtherexplore these claims.

    We are incredibly pleased with the progress of our case in light of
    otherunjust rulings that have plagued related complaints in other
    cities. The Courthas thoughtfully considered our claims, fairly
    granted us the opportunity tomore extensively argue areas that
    required further elaboration, and issueddecisions that are based on
    established legal precedence. These depositionsserve as a positive
    step towards receiving reimbursement for our statue and,more broadly,
    towards restoring the public’s trust that the justice system canmake
    legal decisions bereft of judicial bias.

    Grey Faction publishes internal discussion board posts within the ISSTDrevealing unchecked conspiracism, harmful pseudoscience, and
    internal conflictover struggle to retain continuing education credits

    Mental health professionals harm their clients and patients when they promotepseudoscience and conspiracy theories on the causes of mental
    illness. Suchthings have no place in the therapeutic context and must
    not be tolerated atacademic conferences.

    Today, Grey Faction begins releasing posts from within the
    International Society for the Study of Trauma and
    Dissociation(ISSTD)’s Organized and Extreme Abuse (OEA) Special
    Interest Group, formerlythe Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Organized
    Abuse (RAMCOA) Special InterestGroup. In addition to laying bare
    unrestricted and unchecked musings aboutSatanic ritual abuse and
    ongoing military mind control experimentation intheir clients, these
    posts also reveal a rift between the group and ISSTDleadership.

    The ISSTD and its members are the main purveyors of Satanic Panic hysteriawithin the mental health field today. Despite their
    professional façade,bizarre conspiracy theories run rampant among
    their members and in theirconference presentations, as outlined in
    our letter to the AmericanPsychologicalAssociation

    The ISSTD Board of Directors wrote a letter to membership in early
    October2020, informing them that the Special Interest Group formerly
    known as RAMCOAhad been renamed. One reason for the name change,
    according to the letter,is “stricter rules for the provision of
    Continuing Education (CE) andContinuing Medical Education (CME)
    credits,” a certain number of which arerequired for mental health professionals to renew their license. In fact, theISSTD was informed
    that their CE sponsor, CE Learning Systems, would no longerapprove presentations on “mind control.” However, the letter states that
    theISSTD is looking to bypass their current CE sponsor by becoming a CEaccredited provider themselves, giving them free reign to decide whichpresentations qualify for CE credit.

    “As you can see from the posts we’re publishing today, members of the
    OEA Special Interest Group are outraged by the Board’sunilateral
    decision to change the group’s name. They see this as a betrayalfrom
    ISSTD leadership, and surmise that Grey Faction’s efforts are to
    blamefor both the renaming and the stricter CE rules. We happily acceptresponsibility for helping uphold CE standards,” says Grey
    Faction DirectorEvan Anderson.

    “It is my firm belief that the ISSTD -- as purveyors of destructive conspiracytheories and pseudoscience shielded by the accreditation of professionallicensure -- are a clear and present threat to mental
    health consumers andsociety at large,” says Lucien Greaves, The
    Satanic Temple’s spokesperson andcofounder. “These documents show conclusively that the ISSTD intends to donothing to bring reason, or
    the best interests of mental health consumers,into consideration, and
    instead they are working to evade scrutiny merely bychanging
    terminology. With this, I hope we can persuade the
    AmericanPsychological Association (APA) to deny them any future CE accreditation.”

    One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all
    creatures inaccordance with reason.

    The concept of empathy was not extensively considered until David Hume'spronouncement that minds mirror one another. This was in the
    18th century, andthe word is surprisingly recent as it does not
    officially enter the Englishlanguage until 1909. Empathy is engaging
    in understanding and sharinganother's feelings and is distinct from
    sympathy, which involves caring aboutothers' feelings. Often one
    cares about others without sharing or evenunderstanding how they

    Certain philosophical circles assert that empathy can exist without
    sympathy –that one can share another's emotional state without
    caring. Within thismindset, understanding the desires and motivations
    of others can be used tomanipulate and oppress. While scenarios can
    be conceived that demonstrate thiskind of outcome, bad-faith would be
    required to allow for that possibilitywithin the context of our
    tenet. Our usage requires that sympathy is a causalconsequence of
    empathy, thereby precluding cynical exploitation.

    I'm vegan

    But when she offered me

    The goat's blood

    I got turned on

    I don't drink

    But as she prepared

    The rum soaked fruit cake

    It made me hot

    I'm trying to watch my weight

    But when she made me eat

    The entire fruit cake

    With the goat's blood

    I came


    John S. Hall is a poet/spoken word artist, musician (if ukulele
    counts), andsinger-songwriter. He has released numerous recordings,
    including nine albumswith various incarnations of his band King

    He is the author of a collection of poetry (Jesus Was Way Cool) and a
    self-help parody (Daily Negations), both on Soft Skull Press, and
    over 100unpublished children’s stories.



    • Lump crab meat: 8 ounces

    • 1/2 a bulb of fennel

    • 1/2 a Spanish onion

    • About 3 cloves of garlic confit

    • Around 1-2 tablespoons of garlic oil

    • 1 tablespoon of chili crisp

    • 1 whole Bibb lettuce, picked

    • About 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise

    • Roughly 1 tablespoon of harissa

    • 1 lemon

    • 2 scallions

    • Worcestershire sauce

    • Olive oil

    • A dash of salt

    • Hot pepper (Urfa chilies or red Aleppo pepper)


    Peel and dice half an onion. Remove the stems from the fennel, cut it
    in half,and dice that as well.

    To make the garlic confit, simmer some garlic cloves in olive oil on
    the stoveover low heat for 10 minutes. Let the cloves cool in the oil
    while putting alid on the mix when it is done. You will have mashable
    cloves. Take aboutthree cloves and smash them with the back of your

    Next, add some garlic cloves to a shallow saucepan. Once hot enough,
    add theonions and fennel to the pan, and let them simmer. Add some
    olive oil to thepan to lightly coat the veggies. Do not color or
    caramelize the vegetables.This step serves to simply poach them in

    Next, add the mashed garlic confit to the mixture on low heat. Let thevegetables become soft and translucent. Mix in the crab and add
    some lemonzest to the pan. Juice the lemon in a separate bowl, and
    add half the juice tothe mix in the pot. Slowly simmer this for about
    five minutes and turn off theheat. Sprinkle in some salt, pepper
    flakes, and let it rest.

    Add mayonnaise, harissa, remaining lemon juice, and chopped red bell
    pepper toa separate bowl. Mix in the sauce completely and put it in a
    small ramekin onthe side. Let this sauce mix in the fridge for about
    an hour.

    Once cooled, pull your mix out and toss it with scallions. Add garlic
    oil andlemon juice to taste.

    Add some leafy greens to the bottom of a salad bowl, and top it with
    the crabmixture. If you have any chili crisp, a condiment usually
    found in Asiansupermarkets, place it over the top. Garnish with more
    scallions if desired.

    For further instructions, please visit TSTTV and watch my series, The SatanicChef.

    Adam Ostrofsky 2020

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