• binding of demons, revisited

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    As of 2:41 a.m. NST (0611 UTC) November 14, 2020, the
    effects/consequences of my main stack healing circle prescrptions
    working should be on. This is a global binding of criminals.
    As a result of it, there should now be warning signs for
    criminals who are not following their healing circle prescriptions,
    which are very lenient. I also think but am not sure (I
    haven’t observed it yet on the radio program I am listening
    to) that there will be charisma modulation related to criminality
    level, with good individuals undergoing positive charisma
    modulation and criminals undergoing negative charisma
    modulation if they are not following their healing circle

    This applies not only to criminal humans but also to
    some criminal nondnabsaed someones, or demons.
    However I am sure that not all Satanists are criminal
    and not all Satanists partner with criminal nondnabased

    Note that shortly (after the higher dimensional body edits) those
    ordained by human or humans to priest level or equivalent will
    have a special confession divination ability by which they will be
    able to intuit someone’s healing circle prescription while
    delivering the sacrament of confession (or just spiritual advice
    if their religion or denomination does not have that sacrament)
    to that someone. They will also be able to intuit their own
    healing circle prescription (which for non-criminals would
    be just good advice, not a sentence).

    But who will play the role of priest for atheists? OK, atheist
    judges, atheist psychiatrists, atheist therapists, and
    atheist counsellors will also have that divination ability.

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