• The Satanic Temple October 2020 Newsletter

    From The Satanic Temple@21:1/5 to All on Sun Nov 8 18:00:55 2020

    The Satanic Temple (TST) has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court in
    response to the Eighth Circuit’s dismissal of TST’s claim against
    medically unnecessary and restrictive abortion laws in Missouri. The
    petition asks the Supreme Court to make a definitive and thoughtful
    ruling on religious exemptions from restrictions to abortion access
    -- something that the Missouri courts have continuously failed to do.

    The case started when Judy Doe was seeking an abortion and was forced
    to accept literature that asserted the arbitrary position that life
    begins at conception. Missouri also demands she endure a three-day
    waiting period that was designed to instill guilt and shame for her

    In our original suit, we argued that the mandated imposition of
    religious materials violates our religious beliefs of science and
    bodily autonomy, which creates an unconstitutional undue burden on
    Doe’s religious practices. However, The Eight Circuit Court refused
    to consider TST’s arguments that Missouri’s informed consent laws
    violate the “undue burden” standard established in Planned Parenthood
    v. Casey and refuse to rule on whether the government violated Doe’s
    right to the free exercise of religion. Although the Court openly
    acknowledged that those issues were raised, the Court said that those
    were not explicitly alleged in the initial complaint. No legal
    precedent exists to support their evasion and the history of
    jurisprudence demonstrates that decisions are made based on the
    merits of the case.

    A Call To Action

    The Satanic Temple is appealing because the legal system has
    explicitly displayed that rulings have not been made in accordance
    with the law but based on the personal biases of Justices. If the
    Supreme Court refuses to hear our complaint, this would be a dark day
    for America and a huge blow to jurisprudence. The U.S. government was
    founded on the principles of assuring that marginalized and unpopular
    groups would receive the same rights and liberties as those in the
    majority. The TST rulings in Missouri and elsewhere, so far, have
    revealed precisely the opposite. The Supreme Court might not rule in
    our favor, but they have an obligation to right a wrong and at least
    hear our case and rule on its merits. For these reasons, we have no
    choice but to appeal and hope the Supreme Court rectifies this

    TST has sued the Lamar Billboard Company over allegations of
    religious discrimination and breach of contract after Lamar refused
    to post our designs in Arkansas and Indiana that announce our
    religious abortion ritual <http://www.bit.ly/TST-Abortions>. We
    intended to place these billboards near fake abortion clinics, also
    known as crisis pregnancy centers, which purport to offer
    pregnancy-related services but instead attempt to deter patrons from terminating their pregnancy, often using tactics that involve
    deception and intimidation.

    We informed Lamar that the billboard designs would be
    pro-reproductive rights and align with our religious beliefs, and we
    were assured by Lamar that this would not be a problem. However,
    after we submitted our billboard artwork, Lamar rejected all four
    designs and claimed they are “misleading and offensive.” We expressed
    a willingness to update our designs. However, Lamar refused to
    specify any component that they believe is problematic, so it was not
    possible to offer alternatives. Because Lamar controls the market in
    the areas where we planned to post signs, we could not approach
    another vendor.

    Lamar arbitrarily homogenized the moral identities of entire cities.
    As such, they readily dismiss Satanists living in these Indiana and
    Arkansas towns as full and deserving members of their communities.
    Because Lamar fails to provide tangible reasons as to why they
    considered “all of the content” provocative, we can only assume that
    they disagree with our religious expression. As our Sixth Tenet
    affirms, people are fallible. We are providing Lamar the opportunity
    to learn from their mistake and resolve the harm they caused by
    ultimately permitting the display of our billboards.

    Informed Consent Database for Abortion Regulations

    Following the announcement that TST’s religious abortion ritual
    exempts Satanists from undergoing certain informed consent procedures
    prior to their abortion, TST has released a comprehensive directory
    that addresses each state’s abortion restrictions regarding the
    informed consent process.

    Whereas other resources provide overviews of these regulations in
    easy-to-view grids or brief lists, only our directory contains an
    exhaustive explanation of these abortion statutes that illuminate the subtleties between state laws. Available research does not remotely
    cover informed consent statutes to the degree required to protect our members’ religious reproductive rights. We have created this
    extensive guide for our members to utilize if they decide to
    terminate their pregnancy, and we invite everyone to read our guide
    and discover the insultingly nonsensical statutes that states are
    willing to pass that reflect the prejudices of their legislators. <https://thesatanictemple.com/pages/informed-consent> <https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/salemartgallery/items/182776/>

    Salem Art Gallery/TST Salem will be open by appointment-only this
    Halloween season.

    Visitors will be given guided tours to provide a unique experience of
    the gallery. The guided tour will last 30 minutes. Visitors will have
    an additional 30 minutes to explore the gallery freely and view our
    gift shop. Availability will be extremely limited by allowing only
    four visitors per each time slot.

    What is New?

    Salem Art Gallery has acquired five paintings from artist Zach Brown.
    Now added to the permanent collection, his Lace Figures form an imposingly-shrouded coven, which surrounds The Satanic Temple's famed
    Baphomet Statue. Our contemplation room, Virgil's Study, features a
    sitting area boasting works from artists we've exhibited, such as
    Courtney Brooke and Dylan Garret Smith, as well as
    appropriately-themed block prints by Surrealist maestro, Salvador
    Dalí. Among the collection of The Satanic Temple, a newly constructed "misfortune-telling" machine in Baphomet visage is available for the
    amusement of our guests.

    Protocols of Safety

    We are taking this pandemic and public health risk associated with
    in-person gatherings very seriously. As such, we follow all state
    regulations and have developed protocols that ensure, as best we can,
    the safety of our staff and visitors. These items are non-negotiable,
    and failure to comply will result in your appointment being canceled,
    and your admittance will be refused. We ask that you please assist us
    in keeping everyone safe so we can keep our doors open.

    Requirements for Entry:

    – Mandatory temperature checks at the door

    – Masks required at all times

    – Maintain a 6-foot distance between you and others <https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/salemartgallery/items/182776/>

    Please plan your visit accordingly as we will not be making
    allowances should your group total more than four people. <https://thesatanictemple.com/>

    The Tenets' purpose is not just to present guiding moral principles
    as part of The Satanic Temple’s ethical philosophy. In a broader
    sense, TST aims to provide a path towards transcendence.
    Transcendence, from a Left-Hand Path perspective, does not involve
    the supernatural. It is a moment when the sense of oneself as the
    author of one's subjective universe is realized, and one’s
    consciousness is no longer differentiated from exogenous experiences.
    Ideals such as “truth,” “love,” and “justice” can all be appreciated
    through this lens. For example, when can a person who has been
    wronged affirm that justice has been attained? The answer is when the
    person who has caused harm fully appreciates the magnitude of the
    harm they have brought into their world. At that moment, they will
    directly experience the harm they caused. Love can also be viewed as
    a transcendent state. Outside of religion, transcendence was viewed
    by Abraham Mazlow as being at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of needs.
    For TST, it is useful to be mindful of this aspiration as it relates
    to thoughts and actions.

    ​ There are a lot of things that don't bother me But with some of
    those things- Maybe many of those things- ​I feel like they should
    bother me

    It bothers me that they don't bother me

    It bothers me that i don't want to do anything about them And I feel
    that i should do something about some of those things But I almost
    certainly won't do anything about any of those things if they don't
    bother me

    So somehow I should find a way To allow those things that don't
    bother me To bother me Or to make those things that don't bother me
    Bother me But oftentimes I think I can't be bothered.

    John S. Hall is a poet/spoken word artist, musician (if ukulele
    counts), and singer-songwriter. He has released numerous recordings,
    including nine albums with various incarnations of his band King
    Missile. He is the author of a collection of poetry (Jesus Was Way
    Cool) and a self-help parody (Daily Negations), both on Soft Skull
    Press, and over 100 unpublished children’s stories. His most recent
    releases may be found athere <https://dromedaryrecords.bandcamp.com/album/garden-variety-fuckers>
    and here

    <https://www.instagram.com/thesatanicchef/> <https://www.instagram.com/thesatanicchef/>


    Taco Shells of your choice

    ½ pound of cremini mushrooms

    ½ pound of Shiitake mushrooms

    ¼ cup button mushrooms

    1 onion

    ½ cup of mascarpone (or Vegan)

    1 tablespoon miso paste

    1 cup of soaked smoking wood chips

    2 cups arugula

    1 lime

    1 teaspoon olive oil

    ½ cup of crumbled cotija cheese (or crumbled extra firm tofu)

    Salt, urfa pepper, cilantro to garnish

    Before cooking, put on Type O Negative’s cover of Black Sabbath/Black
    Sabbath followed by Black Sabbath's song Black Sabbath.

    First things first: Clean your ‘shrooms. Trim the tips off the stems
    on your Shiitakes and Criminis. Slice your Shiitakes and quarter your
    Creminis with their stems on.

    Season them with some salt, pepper, and olive oil to taste. Cook them
    in a hot oven at 375 degrees F for about 10-12 minutes tops until
    they are deliciously golden brown.

    Take your onion and give it a rough chop. In a pan with no oil, heat
    that thing up. Turn the heat off and pour one cup of water into the
    pan carefully. Turn the heat back on and simmer until the water
    evaporates and the onions are soft. If you need to add a dash more of
    water, go ahead. If you happen to have caramelized onions lying
    around, use these instead.

    Take your onions, your button mushrooms, and your mushroom stem
    scrap, put them in an uncovered 2” deep baking pan, cover the
    ingredients with a dash of hot water, and put it into a smoking
    device. The easiest way to do this is to heat your oven to 450
    degrees F, put your mushroom mix in there for about five minutes, and
    then put it into the smoker. You can purchase a tabletop smoker
    online or make one the old fashioned way using an 8” deep half hotel
    pan and a 4” deep half perforated hotel pan and cover.

    ​Remember what you put into your body or how to do this is your

    Smoke for about 20 minutes on low heat. At this point, the heat
    should have cooked your mushroom stems thoroughly in the liquid.

    Take the mushrooms & onions out carefully. Place it into a blender
    and cover with the remaining liquid. Blend on high with your
    mascarpone and add your miso paste. Don’t go too heavy on the salt
    because miso is extremely salty.

    Make sure there are no chunks, and put your hot delicious concoction
    into a pan to keep it warm.

    Grab your taco shells, sear a couple, and layer them on a cutting
    board hot.

    You’re going to want to dice up a bunch of cilantro. I would do this
    ahead of time.

    Crumble your Cotija cheese!

    If you are making Vegan Cotija cheese, take some firm tofu and place
    it in a large-bladed blender. Pulse the tofu until it is in chunks.
    Doing it in a liquid blender will turn it to mush. Toss it in a
    little salt and a couple of dashes of apple cider vinegar and let it
    sit for a little while to absorb the flavors.

    Take your lime and cut it in quarters.

    In a large mixing bowl, put your arugula in there and hot mushrooms,
    add a wedge of lime juice, a dash of olive oil and some salt, and
    urfa pepper.

    Place your secret sauce on the bottom.

    Put your ‘shroom/arugula mix on top.

    Garnish with your Cotija

    Hail Satan and Enjoy.

    October 2020 - The Satanic Chef

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