• The Satanic Temple September 2020 Newsletter

    From The Satanic Temple@21:1/5 to All on Sun Oct 18 14:11:28 2020

    TST is pleased to announce our Devil’s Advocate scholarship was
    awarded to one individual who displayed how they have upheld the
    values and mission of The Satanic Temple. TST also awarded
    scholarship funds to three individuals who shared their stories about
    a teacher who crushed their spirit and made them despise every minute
    they were forced to be in school.

    We received over 300 submissions, many of and this were exceptional,
    which made judging quite challenging.

    Our winners submitted remarkable works that show how they champion
    our tenets and oppose the injustices they had to endure while in
    school. All four winners will receive $666 to assist them in their
    plans and a trophy to commemorate their accomplishments.



    What have you done to further TST's mission and tenets?

    Colored pencil drawing with coffee watercolor background (2020/08/05)

    This piece is inspired by The Satanic Temple's first Fundamental
    Tenet. I hold a firm belief that all animal life is sacred and should
    be treated with respect. In my life, I have spent much time foraging
    for animal remains that may have been killed at the hands of humans
    (roadkill, hunting, trapping). I bring these animals home with me and
    give them a place in my home for them to be honored and respected in
    ways that they unfortunately didn’t get to experience in their time
    on earth. I see that these animals play a very important role in
    Earth’s ecosystem, but have fallen victim to the cruelty and
    blindness of Man. I hope that the spirits of the animals that I live
    with are able to find peace in knowing that their lives will not be

    Please discuss and describe in detail any one of the teachers who
    crushed your spirit, undermined your self-confidence, and made you
    hate every minute you were forced to be in school.


    It's important that I mention the fact that Arizona is ranked number
    40 out of 50 states in terms of the quality of education. This is not
    to say the education I received wasn't more than adequate when
    compared to, say, children in the Middle East. Of course I could
    write a soliloquy of teenage angst targeted at some of my high school
    teachers that left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I think middle
    school is a much better place to look back on. That is, if you're
    feeling particularly nostalgic of the days when testosterone,
    estrogen and cortisol created an Axis Alliance ready to assault you
    from the moment you woke up. How fond I am of the casual homophobia
    and sexual harassment exhibited by the male students, while I would
    be publicly humiliated for daring to show approximately 3/4th of my
    left shoulder. It truly was the golden days.

    The story I am regaling for you today in hopes of receiving a
    scholarship is one of not-so epic proportions. Allow me to set the
    scene: we open in on a halfway dilapidated blue and white brick
    building, a horse is the mascot. A closeted lesbian refuses to take
    off a leather biker jacket in 95 degree heat. As you know, nobody
    with the exception of possible sociopaths were confident in
    themselves at age 13. Also, it looked sick. All of my peers are
    either in all black or all neon clothing, and absolutely everyone has
    acne. Let me recount for you the morning routine. First, we all sit
    in our seats and chat for a couple minutes. We have to keep our
    voices down, less the teacher gets a headache. Regardless of your
    homeroom, you are required to do two things in the morning: complete
    a timed quiz, and recite the pledge of allegiance.

    The daily morning quiz consisted of a two sided math test. One side
    is basic multiplication, the other asks you to solve fractions
    quickly. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of
    fractions are all covered. You have only a few minutes to complete
    this, and then it's pencils down. I never did too well on them, but
    in 7th grade I wasn't the most driven pupil. Occasionally the pledge
    would cut off the test short, and then it would resume. If by this
    point you need a refresher on the proper etiquette when pledging your allegiance to the flag, you must first stand and face the nearest
    U.S. flag at your disposal. As the principal or front office lady
    recite the pledge, you say it in unison as well. As a symbol of
    respect, you put your right hand over your heart.

    However, that morning I had made up my mind about not standing for
    the pledge. I had no particular agenda in mind; I was just
    questioning authority, as one does after your father introduces you
    to the artistic stylings of Rage Against the Machine. I felt anxious
    the entire bus ride to school that morning. In the middle of trying
    to remember what 1/5 plus 3/4 was, the intercom sounded with a grainy
    voice, "please stand for the pledge." Everyone stands. I do not. I
    try to avoid anyone's eyes as the boy who sits in front of me
    whispers to me to stand. My teacher leans over close, she's in her
    early 60's with a conservative hippie skirt and a black turtleneck.
    She says, "That is the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen.
    Stand now." I relent my punk ways for the last verse of the pledge to
    stand. She tells me I have detention. That anxious feeling sits with
    me the rest of the day, and I wonder if my dad will be disappointed
    or proud.




    The sound of an alarm cuts through the silent air

    Harsh and sharp and voice full of malice

    He screams in my ears

    Another day, another dollar

    Another day at the hands of another

    Another unending search for the unfindable

    Of toil and sweat and empty words on a page

    I feel the cogs slowly turn in my head as I relive the same day over
    and over again

    The machine never stops

    Never slows or ceases

    Wake, eat, study, sleep, repeat

    Endless cycles of forced structure

    Though the question echoes through the caverns of my mind

    My mind that is riddled with flashcards and notes and chickenscracth handwriting

    Why do we allow ourselves to cage the bird?

    The brain is a such beautiful thing

    Her song is so lovely

    A crisp melodic tune

    Sung softly on a gentle breeze

    But yet a symphony of bells and whistles and crashing percussion

    Of trumpets and horns and colorful lights

    We are capable of so much more

    So many wondrous, creative, beautiful things

    We are made for greatness


    We are kept in a box

    In a straight and steady line



    The subconscious yearns for excitement

    Though never to be found in the cold gray walls of textbooks and
    worksheets and standardized testing

    The alarm continues to blare

    His harsh voice taunts me

    I barely even recognize this vessel anymore

    Dark circles, tired eyes

    There are no colors

    Only gray

    Only shadows

    Who is that?

    Who have I become?

    At the hands of the system

    I have been broken into nothing more that a soulless receptacle for
    useless facts and bounded by the ancient texts that keep them

    I rub the sore spot between my shoulders

    Maybe I’ll leave the books home today

    Or maybe

    I won’t return at all


    Just maybe

    I’ll hit snooze one more time

    And wake up in a world where education is more than just words on a

    More than just empty words and phrases

    More than just





    The Satanic Panic of the 80s and 90s was a moral panic that led to
    witch hunts that targeted supposed Satanists who were allegedly
    engaging in evil ritual acts. Though thoroughly debunked in
    subsequent years, allegations of Satanic ritual abuse during this
    time ruined lives, tore families apart, resulted in the imprisonment
    of innocent people, and established a legacy that is still being
    fought in the mental health field. To show this panic’s human cost,
    Grey Faction is launching “A Rumor of Devils.” This project will
    document stories of those impacted by the Satanic Panic and the
    impact it has had on people’s lives.

    Grey Faction will be collecting audio and video testimonials of
    individuals who were falsely accused of Satanic ritual abuse, in
    addition to people who were targets of conspiracy theories and those
    who experienced false memories of ritual abuse. Please email us atarumorofdevils@gmail.com for submission requirements and details to
    be a part of this one-of-a-kind project. <https://announcement.thesatanictemple.com/rrr-campaign41280784>

    Last month, TST announced that our religious abortion ritual exempts
    Satanists from being subject to laws that restrict access to abortion
    during the first trimester in states that have enacted the Religious
    Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). This exemption applies so long as the
    laws serve no medical purpose and are scientifically inaccurate.
    Contrary to arbitrary regulations that wrongfully elicit guilt and
    shame, our ritual is designed to evoke spiritual comfort and
    confidence upon the abortion procedure’s onset to affirm our beliefs
    in bodily autonomy and scientifically-reasoned personal choice.

    We have raised funds to support and uphold the institution of our
    Satanic abortion ritual. These donations will be used to inform
    members of their religious liberty and to take on the legal
    challenges of defending our members’ rights.

    Thyself is thy master! Hail Satan! <https://announcement.thesatanictemple.com/rrr-campaign41280784> <https://thesatanictemple.com/>

    Every tenet is a guiding principle designed to inspire nobility in
    action and thought. The spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice
    should always prevail over the written or spoken word.

    Often people incorrectly assume The Satanic Temple adheres to the
    Satanic Bible, or they ask if TST has its own bible. The presumption
    that a religion must have a hallowed tome is hardwired for many.
    While texts of all kinds can be illuminating and inspirational, they
    should never be regarded as sacred. Meanings of words evolve or
    abruptly change, and the context from when a work was written will
    influence its concerns in ways that date its intentions as context is
    always in flux. Works can have great meaning and speak of many truths
    that endure, but they must always be open to examination and
    reconsideration and even revision.

    Ideals such as compassion, wisdom, and justice transcend the written
    word. TST’s tenets are inspired by a drive to incrementally approach
    these ideals. As such, if the language in any of our tenets inhibits
    progress towards these ideals, then those words should be subject to
    revision accordingly. The spirit of the tenets and their intent is
    what matters most and one should not obsessively fixate on specific

    Maybe I really do need to be punished

    Because there is no justice

    And it makes me feel guilty, what I get away with

    I just got on the scale, filled with dread

    But after all the outrageous food I ate last night

    At such an outrageous hour

    The scale said 152.4

    The lowest number I have seen all year

    The least I have weighed in probably three years

    That is inexplicable, and totally unjust

    I am full of guilt and shame

    And a deep desire to be punished

    Unless, as is entirely possible,

    I am, to some degree, overstating

    It might depend on what you had in mind

    John S. Hall is a poet/spoken word artist, musician (if ukulele
    counts), and singer-songwriter. He has released numerous recordings,
    including nine albums with various incarnations of his band King
    Missile. He is the author of a collection of poetry (Jesus Was Way
    Cool) and a self-help parody (Daily Negations), both on Soft Skull
    Press, and over 100 unpublished children’s stories. His most recent
    releases may be found athere <https://dromedaryrecords.bandcamp.com/album/garden-variety-fuckers>
    <https://silkcut.bandcamp.com/releases>. <https://www.instagram.com/thesatanicchef/>

    Some people just hate Brussels sprouts. If hell were real, some
    people would complain that they would be fed Brussels sprouts all day

    I, myself, love them. You can do so much with these vegetables. From
    making kimchi to pickles, the possibilities are endless.

    What I am going to do is teach you an alternative to eating bland,
    roasted, or broiled Brussels sprouts. This dish will put you in the
    mood for the fall, and maybe this dish will help change the
    perception of that one friend that needs a little Satan in their


    2 pounds Brussels sprouts

    4 Cups of apple cider

    1/4th a cup lemon juice

    1 cup of sliced mint and basil

    2 apples small diced

    Grape-seed oil

    Sourdough Crumble:

    - 1 pound of butter

    - 1/2 a loaf of sourdough bread

    Take your sourdough bread and dice it up small. In a large deep sauté
    pan, melt your butter until the dairy disappears. (If you want to go
    vegan, use olive oil.)

    Your butter should start to clarify and turn brown. Take your
    sourdough and put it into your pan on low heat, continually stirring.
    Once your bread is toasted, take it out of the pan and drain the fat.
    You can reuse the butter if you like to make more crumble or even
    grilled cheese sandwiches.

    After your bread has cooled down, put it in a blender or use a motor
    pestle to break it down. Afterward, put it in a container, and set
    the crumble aside.

    Next up is your sprouts. Cut them in half, removing the stems and
    excess leaves. Save the leaves because you can fry them up or roast
    them at a high temperature for a tasty snack.

    Put your 4 cups of cider in a small saucepot and cook it down
    three-quarters of the way. Set it on the back burner once that is

    Grab your apples and cut them around the core. Dice them into small
    pieces and then sear in a pan. Don’t overcook them, or you will turn
    them to mush. Simply get your pan super hot, add a couple of
    teaspoons of grape-seed oil, and give them a toss.

    Take your herbs and cut them up. Set them aside.

    Next up, you are going to need a sauté pan that can withstand high temperatures. I suggest a cast iron pan. They can get extremely hot,
    allowing for a great char on your sprouts.

    Coat your pan with about 4 tablespoons of grape-seed oil. Place your
    Brussels sprouts face down in the pan, which will be your searing
    side. If you are an experienced cook, then bring your heat up to a
    smoke point and drop each sprout into the pan carefully to sear the
    sprouts. If not, put your sprouts in the pan without any oil after
    the pan has heated up. Try and get them face down. If not, it's ok.

    After they start to sear, season them with some sea salt on top.

    You should have your oven at 450 degrees. Once they are searing, and
    it is starting to smell good, place your pan in the oven for about
    ten minutes.

    Once they come out, the sprouts should be perfectly cooked, not too
    tender, and not too hard. To finish this dish, you want to toss in
    your apple cider, apples, and a tablespoon of lemon.

    Serve them into a dish of your liking and top them with an even
    covering of crumble and herbs.


    September 2020 – Adam Ostrofsky

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