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    Breaking News: Satanic Abortions Are Protected by Religious Liberty

    The Satanic Temple is proud to announce that its religious abortion
    ritual exempts TST members in RFRA states from enduring medically
    unnecessary and unscientific abortion regulations when seeking to
    terminate their pregnancy. Satanists who choose to perform our ritual
    are not required to undergo prerequisite mandatory waiting periods,
    compulsory counseling, forced viewing of sonograms, and other state
    demands that require them to violate their deeply-held beliefs of
    bodily autonomy and the adherence to best scientific practices. TST
    objects to these prerequisite procedures that interfere with our
    religious ritual because they are not medically necessary for an
    abortion to take place, do not produce better outcomes, and force
    Satanists to violate their deeply-held beliefs of bodily autonomy and scientifically-reasoned personal choice.

    What is the Satanic abortion ritual?

    The Satanic abortion ritual involves the recitation of our Third and
    Fifth Tenets, which celebrate bodily autonomy and the adherence to
    best scientific practices, along with a personal affirmation that is ceremoniously intertwined with the abortion. The ritual is designed
    to elicit confidence, comfort, and fortitude as even the strongest of individuals can feel pressure from social expectations,
    pseudoscience, and arbitrary attempts to instill guilt and shame for
    their decision despite their convictions of religious liberty.

    How are Satanists legally protected?

    Satanists are legally granted exemptions from states’ abortion
    mandates based on the protections of RFRA, which generally prohibits
    the government from substantially interfering with a person’s free
    exercise of religion. This law maintains that claims of religious
    liberty supersede state regulations, thus allowing for the ritual of
    Satanic abortions to operate independently from enacted abortion

    What does this mean for the rights of Satanists?

    A Satanist who practices TST’s religious abortion ritual should be
    granted pregnancy termination services during the first trimester
    upon demand. Based on the nation’s foundation of religious liberty,
    RFRA states have a legal obligation to honor our claims to religious
    exemptions in order to practice our Satanic rituals.

    Thyself is Thy Master.

    Hail Satan!

    A Message from TST Houston

    After nearly a month since the start of their feminine-hygiene drive,
    TST Houston’s Mensturatin’ with Satan campaign has collected over 337
    boxes of pads (12,244 total pads), 389 boxes of tampons (13,542 total
    tampons), 177 packs of wipes, and 123 boxes of menstrual cups to be
    donated to the Montrose Center.

    TST Houston will be collecting donations for their Mensturatin’ with
    Satan campaign until September 1st.

    Update: The Devil’s Advocate Scholarship

    The Devil’s Advocate Scholarship is accepting applications from 2020
    high school graduates up through August 31st.


    Due to the success of the scholarship and the generosity of our
    members, we have received donations that have allowed us to increase
    the number of scholarships we will award. We will pick a total of
    four winners to receive our scholarship.

    In addition, each scholarship’s value has increased to $666.00.

    We ask that students tell us through a creative medium of their
    choice about how they have furthered TST’s mission and tenets or
    about a teacher who has crushed their spirit and ruined their life.

    We have already received many worthy submissions, and we applaud
    students’ efforts to promote empathy, free-thought, skepticism, and
    the mission of The Satanic Temple.


    Like all sacrosanct rights, bodily autonomy has prudent self-imposed limitations. Inviolability is not compromised by exercising sound
    judgment in accordance with the First and Fourth Tenet, which call
    for respecting others. All decisions have consequences, and the
    tradeoff of living in an organized society—even a utopian one—is that
    some degree of regulation must be placed on one's behavior.
    Optimally, these restrictions are rational and self-imposed.

    TST has successfully intervened when members have been inhibited from
    engaging in acts of self-expression that harm no one, but we do not
    heed requests to support bodily autonomy that display indifference to

    I was outside waiting

    It doesn't matter what I was waiting for

    And even if it did matter

    I'm not going to say

    I'm outside waiting

    And a pedestrian heads toward me

    Slowly walking

    Her sweet little dog

    And she's got her mask pulled down below her chin

    As people do, because

    I don't know why

    Because they fucking suck‎, I guess

    Because they want me to glare at them

    And as she got closer to me I glared,

    and thought of saying

    Why don't you pull up your mask for fuck's sake

    When I saw her raise a cigarette to her lips

    and take a drag

    So that was why

    After she was gone

    I smelled her exhalation

    Through my mask

    And wondered if the virus travels

    Like smoke

    John S. Hall is a poet/spoken word artist, musician (if ukulele
    counts), and singer-songwriter. He has released numerous recordings,
    including nine albums with various incarnations of his band King
    Missile. He is the author of a collection of poetry (Jesus Was Way
    Cool) and a self-help parody (Daily Negations), both on Soft Skull
    Press, and over 100 unpublished children’s stories. His most recent
    releases may be found on Bandcamp:


    Eating healthy is important and reflects how you conduct your
    rituals. This salad is simple and easy to make. I choose to use local
    products. It is important to seek out small batch produce close to
    you-- there is a farmer that needs your business. That helps you
    support local businesses. You can taste the difference between a
    small farm grown eggplant versus a factory produced one. It’s also
    knowing that it is not factory produced/processed, which raises red
    flags on ethical farming. It is a Satanist’s duty to ensure that we
    respect ourselves. What you eat is your choice, and nobody can tell
    you otherwise. You should respect the freedom of others, but most
    importantly where you source food. This salad will make you want to
    become the demon Andras and sink your talons into it.


    Ali’s Eclipse ashed goat cheese - Ruggles Hill Creamery,
    Hardwick, MA

    A handful of crisp green leaves - Little Leaf Farms

    A handful of baby arugula

    6 pealed shallots

    1 table spoon dijon mustard

    4 cloves of garlic confit


    1/2 cup balsamic vinegar

    For the Garlic Confit:

    1 cup of garlic cloves

    3 cups of olive oil

    Take a small pot and put your garlic inside. Next, add your olive
    oil. On the lowest setting, slowly wait until your garlic/oil starts
    to simmer.


    Let it simmer for 2 minutes and shut off the heat. Let your garlic
    sit in the oil. Wait 10 minutes, take a piece out and see if it
    mashes with the back of a fork. If it is still tender, bring your
    oil/garlic up again until it is soft under this same process.

    Completely cool this down for the next step, and keep your garlic
    inside the oil.

    For the Vinaigrette, put your garlic confit, balsamic vinegar, and
    dijon mustard in a blender. Hit this with some salt and pepper. Salt
    will keep your sauce form breaking.

    Put aside about 1 cup of confit oil. As you start the blender, keep
    it on the highest setting and slowly drizzle in your oil mixture. It
    should become emulsified and have a creamy texture. Cool this down in
    the fridge.

    For the pickled shallots, you want to dice them into small pieces.
    You can also use red onions if you feel more comfortable doing that.
    If that is the case, use 1 pealed red onion. Make sure it yields to a

    Take about 1.5 cups of red wine vinegar and equal parts water, 1
    teaspoon salt, and 1 teaspoon sugar. Place these ingredients in a
    small pot. Bring it to a simmer and while hot pot over your onions or
    shallots. Cool down the mixture immediately in the fridge.

    Wait about an hour for everything to cool.

    To make this salad, take your greens and put them into a large mixing
    bowl. Next up add a couple tablespoons of your pickled shallots and a
    couple dashes of salt and pepper. Take your balsamic vinaigrette and
    add only 2 tablespoons. Mix lightly with your hands, massaging the
    lettuce. Taste your salad to see if it needs any salt. Take your
    salad mix and place it in a bowl. Next take your goat cheese and
    using a small spoon add about four chunks. Garnish the salad with
    pepitas and enjoy!

    Ave Satanas!

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