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    February 22, 2020 newsletter



    Academic Book about The Satanic Temple Released

    Joseph P. Laycock’s highly anticipated Speak of the Devil: How The
    Satanic Temple is Changing the Way We Talk about Religion (Oxford
    University Press) was released on January 20, 2020. This is the first
    time a full-length study on The Satanic Temple has been conducted and
    released as an academic work. Its data was drawn from interviews with
    over fifty TST members, as well as other cohorts and critics.

    From the description:

    “Speak of the Devil is the first book-length study of The Satanic
    Temple. Joseph Laycock, a scholar of new religious movements,
    contends that the emergence of "political Satanism" marks a
    significant moment in American religious history that will have a
    lasting impact on how Americans frame debates about religious
    freedom. Though the group gained attention for its strategic
    deployment of outrage, it claims to have developed beyond politics
    into a genuine religious movement. Equal parts history and
    ethnography, Speak of the Devil is Laycock's attempt to take
    seriously The Satanic Temple's work to redefine religion, the nature
    of pluralism and religious tolerance, and what "religious freedom"
    means in America.”

    Read more about Speak of the Devil in an interview Joseph Laycock
    recently did with Sacred Matters Magazine.

    You can order your copy at the TST Shop:



    Releases Premiere Song and Video, "999"

    Revolver Magazine premiered the video for "999", which is the first
    song released from Lucien Greaves’s music project, Satanic Planet. In addition to Greaves, the band features Justin Pearson (of Dead Cross
    and The Locust) and producer Luke Henshaw. Greaves notes that the
    track is the first in “an array of sci-fi sermons that range from
    doom and industrial to evil exotica." He describes "999" as the
    ominous rolling thunder on the blackened horizon harkening the coming apocalyptic storm of anti-theocratic revolution and a new Satanic era soundtracked by Satanic Planet."



    The Battle will Continue

    A Victory and an Appeal

    TST has been fighting for the right to deliver an invocation at a
    Scottsdale, Arizona city council meeting. This opportunity has been
    afforded to other religious organizations. While rejecting Scottsdale
    city officials’ claim that The Satanic Temple is not a “real”
    religion, a US District Judge ruled that religious discrimination was
    not the reason for their invocation being denied, in spite of blatant
    evidence showing otherwise.

    In the latest development of a four-year-long legal battle that has
    cost taxpayers from the city of Scottsdale an excess of $170k, a US
    District judge ruled that despite a slew of discriminatory commentary
    publicly documented against The Satanic Temple by Scottsdale city
    officials, there was no means to prove that their refusal to allow a
    Satanic invocation was based in religious discrimination.

    While disappointing, and divorced from reality, the court did reject Scottsdale’s argument that The Satanic Temple is not a “real
    religion”. While the ruling on discrimination is problematic, this
    component is a significant victory for TST. With this fact
    established, TST will be filing an appeal to address the evident discrimination.

    TST attorney, Stu de Haan, had this to say about the outcome:

    “Though disappointing, this ruling hinged on a factual issue rather
    than a legal failure on the part of The Satanic Temple. The Court
    rejected the City’s claims that we are an illegitimate religion and
    that we failed to show that we had legal standing to sue. Instead,
    the Court accepted the City’s claim that this decision was purely administrative and not made at the request or by the influence of the
    City Council and Mayor.

    Despite evidence showing the brazen and outward disdain and
    assertions that this minority religion would not be given a rightful
    place at the table because of their religion, the Court found that
    there was not sufficient evidence to tie this to the ultimate
    decision. Of course, we very much disagree. We will discuss whether
    or not to bring this dispute to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
    moving forward. This ruling will in no way impact other ongoing
    litigation as these situations tend to be very fact-specific.”


    For Lawsuit over Ten Commandments

    The Satanic Temple has sued the state of Arkansas over the
    installation of a Ten Commandments statue on capitol grounds. TST
    argues that the state is violating the First Amendment by
    privileging one religion over others and has requested that TST be
    allowed to install its Baphomet statue alongside the Ten

    A trial has been set for July 13th in Little Rock, AK for The
    Satanic Temple to argue for the installation of the Baphomet statue.
    Two other Plaintiffs also contend that the Ten Commandments monument
    is Unconstitutional, but they argue that it should be removed. This
    ongoing battle was addressed in the movie Hail Satan? that was
    released last year.


    In related Arkansas news, a Twitter poll posted by a Christian
    Lawmaker group (headed by none other than Arkansas Senator, Jason
    Rapert) has become a rather hot topic. The unscientific poll asks,
    "Do you believe America would be better off if more Christians
    served in elected office?" Of the 101K respondents, 90% responded,
    "no", much to the dismay of those hosting the poll. Additional
    coverage can be found on Huffington Post or Daily Dot.

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