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    From Jonny Quest@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jun 30 18:33:08 2016
    Cynthia Jane Anderson disappeared on August 4, 1981.

    August 9-16, 1981: Camp NeeKauNis, Waubaushene, Ontario, Canada (with
    Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting). "Seeking That Which is Eternal."

    Powelson abducted Anderson a few days early to have time with her to try and use her to frame me for her disappearance. I expect Anderson figured them
    out, was uncooperative and Powelson murdered her to cover his tracks. I
    expect Jane deduced that one dead, herself, was better than two dead, both
    me and her.

    That's how it all went down. I didn't go through Toledo to get to YFNA at
    Nee Kau Nis, I was already in NE Ohio working on a farm, so I went through upstate New York.

    This is the end of it. 12 prosecuted perpetrators are better than one woman dead and 12 murderers free to kill again, which I imagine they have in the
    long trail of slaughter and lies that lead to one Carolyn Rennie Powelson Campbell.

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