• Getting rich using other people's money

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    Here comes Donald Trump.

    * the water pipes froze
    * losing brake fluid in the truck
    * truck not idling properly and stalls
    * pc not working right with windows 10

    I entered the network address and fixed the pc problem
    I reseated a loose plug and fixed the stall problem
    I channeled the cloths dryer exhaust and unfroze the pipes
    My buddy agreed to help me with my brakes. In the meantime I located the problem

    When I ask to be avenged of someone and then pray, "forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us" at the end of AA meetings; then bad luck is sure to be coming my way. It's a sign that my prayers are being answered, and I know.

    Nobody can go to the Son unless the Father draws them nigh, and nobody can
    go to the Father but through the Son.

    Nobody can go to the Father unless the Son draws them nigh, and nobody can
    go to the Son but through the Father.

    After capturing the fugitive, bringing him to justice and handing down his sentence in the court of the Father, the Son forgave the fugitive, set him
    free and laid all efforts to nail him to waste. That's what the Son is all about, and is why I don't use him. When I pray the prayer I mean for it to stick, and I'll pay the consequences for it if need be. If I need to
    sacrifice a worry-free life in return for my prayer, then sobeit; and I
    don't doubt that even bigger problems wait for me around the bend.

    I know the gears are rolling and the wheels are spinning.

    Donald Trump called me a "loser." Show me the scumbag and I will spit in
    his face.

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