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    Exterminate the parasites

    Don't vote for Donald Trump

    He will pollute the White House in excess of 100 Bill Clintons.

    He called me a "loser," but I work for a living. He will liquidate Social Security, but I worked for my benefits. In the conclusion I hope Trump is
    the loser, and his total worth liquidated instead as he pays off the law
    suits against him for the damages against others that he caused. Sue the President. Sue the loser.

    Cut off his line of credit to the White House. Cut him out of the
    government. Cut him out of everywhere. Cut him out of himself.

    The black fly has spawned maggots on the Corn Belt. He doesn't know agriculture.

    His greatest victory is the multitude's greatest loss.

    He organizes a coupe against the sanctuary; he rows his kayak into dominion.
    He takes a short cut which to others took decades to perfect; he is a thief
    of the hard work by the deserving.

    He consumes the meat from the harvest of the fattest crop of the province.
    He claims the victory belt of the champion, but didn't fight the fight; he championed dishonesty.

    He secures commitment from the common denominator; but God is greater than

    He showers his women with cinnamon, rosemary and frankincense; but God is greater than them.

    As a guest he might have entered through the front door, but instead he used deception and entered through the back way. He now purports victory for himself as though he were entitled residence for himself; and the two ways
    are tangled; but ultimately his victory is temporary, whether or not he
    obtains office; but the mill will sift out the pure flour from the flax, and his centralized power divided.

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