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    The glutton filled his silo with death, reasoning his libido feeding off of that death would be nearly immortal. Meanwhile his living victims fell
    prey. There were 8 billion of them but no more; but eternity would consume them in the blink of an eye.

    He fell guilty for his conspiracy, and convicted for the annihilation of the human race.

    Did he really have all that power?

    His equation failed to process successful data; as he were one particle of
    dust in the universe; but if he were elevated into a god he might manage to
    be empowered as a grain of sand in the sum of the cosmos. He failed to convince his candidate, though, and the Job of Oz was chastened to
    understand the multitudes beyond his own selfish ego.

    He died that way, and not a minute too soon.

    He indulged in his iniquity during his life, and promoted it to his
    offspring before he died; to carry on his legacy of blasphemy and pollution
    of the institution of sex with his hideousness.

    It didn't work, but his motives for it became crystal clear. His privilege
    to the secret became diluted among the masses, and his domain defeated with chastening.

    Causality to the east, causality to the west; causality to the north,
    causality to the south; then to the northeast, the southeast, the northwest, the southwest; and all in between; but his laws of the forces of sex didn't operate as consistently as Maxwell's laws; though he would have liked to

    He successfully murdered his own daughter before she was even conceived.

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