• strategy of attack

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    The repeatedly same strategy of attack was used over and over. Eventually
    the victim came to know it and defend himself against it. He could second guess when another assault was coming and used his knowledge about it to
    step aside and channel her aggression at one of her own instead.

    She could never get out of the rut of her obvious predictability.

    In his defense he never used the same strategy twice and received an ongoing diversified arsenal from God, who who not only owned all ability of her
    father, but exceeded his human limitations infinitely.

    The black widow became captive of her own web. She fell into the
    singularity of her own predictability and perished.

    With some hope she is still alive to be held responsible for her torturing
    and serve her torturing sentence in return for it; with some hope she is finally dead and the end of her ability to torture further.

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