• Sympathy for Cancer

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    Smoking skews the body to survive anaerobically (requiring no oxygen) as opposed to aerobically (requiring oxygen). Smokers need to use their lungs less and eat up less oxygen in a sealed chamber than nonsmokers. Smoking
    also builds up more antibodies in smokers to fight off all the toxins in cigarette smoke. They are therefore more immune to disease than nonsmokers.

    There arrives a turning point when the chemicals in smoke overwhelm the
    body's defenses, in which case it is good to cut back or switch to e-cigarettes.

    Quitting cold turkey ends all bodily processes of dependence on smoking. Precancers grow more aggressive to make up for their lack of cigarette smoke food and accelerate into cancers to lay into more healthy cells, and the ex-smoker becomes afflicted with cancer a year or so after they quit cold turkey. It is better to taper off from 4 packs/day to 1 pack/day over the
    span of 5 years. This allows the body to slowly adjust and make the
    precancers uncomfortable but not hostile.

    Cancer is a form of life similar to a tree: rooting in and blossoming out. Every form of life just wants a chance to grow, overcome and prosper. A
    Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the light. No cancer prospers but
    by me."

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