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    The telepathic union of mind is only useful when God occupies its center. Otherwise it proliferates the defects of character emerging out of the kingpin's human iniquities; and no human is without them. Better yet, telepathy is a pathology that evolution effectively weeded out. When the kingpin dies, so did all of his satellites. While he was alive, he unjustly harvested energies out of the unsuspecting, even the mentally retarded; to stockpile libido for himself and his daughter, intended to indulge in sex
    with her throughout their reincarnation.

    But God made sex and God owns sex; and it isn't up for grabs to the ass of whatever the telepath whims.

    God made God and all He consists of; who isn't any singular human man with limited human ability; and is all of that singular man and his limited
    ability if He chooses.

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