• a will to kill

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    The murderer taught murder to his offspring, and after the murderer died his offspring continued the tradition, murdering ever the more and all the more wonderfully... only it wasn't wonderful for her victims who had their lives
    cut short for the sake of her whims, though she reveled in her
    invincibleness until an exception survived and lived to tell of her
    character; and the exception's Divine Providence turned around and smote her instead, never shedding a tear of a pang of grief in the process.

    Murder by parent recapitulates murder by daughter, and the daughter could do more than her father; but both failed to kill their target. They possessed
    the equation, but the equation lacked the ability to process non-numerical data; or the equation could process non-numerical data, but lacked the
    ability to process the data's numerical equivalent.

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