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    When Carolyn dies it will be in God's way and in God's time. In the
    meantime she is being chastened in God's special way.

    I am satisfied with this conclusion no matter how it turns out. I have my ideas on how I'd like it to turn out, but those ideas don't matter. I have
    my way and God has His way, and His way is the better way. I trust that it
    has and will continue to work out God's way. At this time let me remind you
    of Isaiah's prophesy:

    "I am the LORD, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."

    The disembowelment acts out one side of the LORD, and the healer acts out
    the other side of the LORD. Why would the LORD disembowel the innocent?
    Peter gave the answer:

    "God is no respecter of persons"

    Why the innocent? Why not? Even the most holy of people are but useless
    rags before the LORD.

    God is no respecter of Carolyn. What becomes of her is God's prerogative,
    not mine. I only asked I be avenged of her. That's where I left off and
    God began. Her constitution today is as the direct result of God, not me.
    She is relegated to the realm of mystery. He tells me she is dead.

    Instigator of suicide, murderess of the innocent, a crafter of snares; what such garbage would I offer up to Him to avenge me of her?

    Give glory to God lest He "create evil" for whomever He will next.

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