• A Prayer of Revenge

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    I offended some Jesus freaks and they retaliated by praying a bunch of
    negative bullshit happen to me. I sought refuge in Satan, naturally, who exacted a price from me, a price that I am still paying off today.

    Nobody does anyone any good to pray revenge on their adversaries; as in the Lord's Prayer Jesus prophesies that a person will be forgiven of their trespasses as they forgive those who trespass against them.

    However this didn't stop me. I persistently prayed I be avenged, over and
    over like a mantra. Finally I was satisfied. God would chasten my
    adversary, which would be hardship imposed on them up to and including their death. In the process of defying death they would learn and grow more into God's plans for them. Indeed they would be issued an ultimatum: obey or

    Obey or die doesn't make sense to me. I was never issued that demand
    myself. I have never changed in a climate of ultimatums and demands. I
    have always changed in a climate of love and nurturing. God would avenge my adversary by showering her with the love to change and grow in a better direction, not by cold blooded demands and murder. She was so immersed in iniquity engrained in habit that no amount of human willpower would work.
    She had to be graced with love for the slightest increment of positivity
    that she stood for so that tiny seed would sprout and grow in a more
    positive direction.

    I believe that's how God works. I never prayed for her to die, only to be avenged of her. Whether to live or die I left that outcome up to God.

    Everyone is an example, whether a good or bad example; an example just the same.

    All glory I empowered to God God turned around and gloried the same to me.
    It was a turning point for me, but all the power and forces in the world
    don't measure up to the simplicity of a small love touch from a sojourner in tribulation.

    God will break her pathologies down with tough love and nurture her better
    side to health and survival. There may be one electron in her worth saving, and God will build on that.

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