• The Vertex of a Cross

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    I gave a lead last night and got a standing ovation. One woman was even crying.

    I don't know what I said to merit such a response, but I'm glad I might have helped a few people in whatever I said. I did pray before I spoke, so maybe
    my prayer was answered.

    God will chasten my enemies, whether for life or for death, but this is not
    how it seems. God has never given me an ultimatum to obey Him or die. How
    can I change a sick mind with a sick mind? How can I will away a defect of character when I have no willpower? Instead God changes me with His grace.
    I want to change out of gratitude towards him and not out of fear of His

    I know God has chastened my adversary because I know it not in my mind but
    in my heart. God has presented her with an obstacle course. By the time
    she's through with it she will be stronger. She will become more of the
    woman God intended her to be. God has also graced her with the power to overcome the obstacles. She is not required to do or die. She has plenty
    of time. She will be inspired by His grace and out of gratitude to Him to tackle the obstacles before her, overcome them and move on. I won't have anything to do with it. God turns junk into treasure. There isn't a sin
    that can be committed that God can't turn around and use the sinner to
    further His cause.

    People die of different causes, and God's wisdom is too deep and mysterious
    to understand. Would God want the life of a woman in her prime to pass over and carry on her skills and duties in the afterlife? Would a woman be so stubborn and defiant to abstain from harming others that God takes her life
    to stop her from inflicting further damage? Nobody knows God, not even me.

    Some farms raise goats, other farms raise sheep. On yet some other farms
    the goats mingle with the sheep. At market time the goats are taken where goats are bought, and the sheep are taken where the sheep are bought. Who would take a goat where the sheep are bought? Who would take a sheep where goats are bought? Goats are no more wicked than sheep are holy. They are
    just animals. None are taken to market. They are used for mohair and wool.

    Criminals and thieves rape and plunder. God may kill them, but why would
    God want a harvest of iniquity and corruption? Good people construct and
    build love. Would God want a harvest of goodness and fairness? But nobody knows how the dice fall.

    Nobody needs to applaud or shed a tear for a blasphemous sinner like myself. God owns the goats and God owns the sheep. He likes to keep them separated
    and joined only by a pinhole. He then likes to channel the waste of each
    side to cultivate the other. Both generally rise the same. The roots
    strive for the nickel core while the branches reach for the ball of fire. Neither reach their mark, but in the meantime a trunk of iron heartwood is harvested for lumber.

    The left brain a goat, the right brain a sheep; nothing necessarily good or evil; so take the dead battery to be recycled, the hot mixed with cold; and leave the iron spade to its iron handle.

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