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    Jesus Christ introduced me to the power of the radio in 1988. Since then it has been my greatest blessing and my greatest curse. Now the times are changing and I need to taper out of it. It has lost its practical utility
    for me. The hub of the wagon wheel has rotted out. Now I have tv and talk radio. I don't perceive that the radio is necessarily about me much any
    more. Fewer people listen. More people are getting their own stations with I-heart radio. I finally got a tv and it consumes my attention instead. Goodbye my friends and goodbye my adversaries. The was-new but now-old frontier is yours by default to exploit. I don't have any use for it
    anymore. It has gone into remission. If a new problem ever crops up I
    might pull it out and re-activate it again, provided there are new problems. But until then I'm outta here.

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