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    I can see a mind fucker coming from around the bend. Wasn't that the great pleasure he took in breaking my work of love and returning it to me broken? Wasn't it the mind fucking student he was to get in the heads of his
    superiors and second guess the right answers on the quizzes and tests?
    Wasn't it his confluence with his wife a liar that made him a liar too?
    Where is his character? He has none but through others with it. Where is
    his original research? It's not to be found but through the slaves on his
    team that he relies on to rubber stamp their work as his. Where is the nanoprick? I can see a mind fucker coming from around the bend. He still endeavors to kill daddy for fucking mommy like he wanted, and now he blames
    it on me. More than two to welcome. That's it.

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