• Disadvantages of the Ultimate

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    She is all the victim she victimized. She should know the way out from
    knowing the way in, just in reverse.

    A big problem endeavors to consume me, but it is too big for me to handle alone. I can solve one small part of it at a time, though; and focus on
    that accomplishment at least; then move on to another small part to solve.
    I trust in the Big Leaguers to take on the rough most of it. I can only
    handle so much stress. I am not the sole answer.

    Anyway I'm glad she's on medication now, just so long as it's not anything
    the same as I'm taking; if she is still alive. She used to be a heavy mass mover, but maintained a vulnerable frailty. It was never if but when. Regarding her conscious/unconscious, she had the cart before the horse.


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