• Structures of Telepathy

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    In the rough design, EMF is induced in the brain with probes and brain
    activity is obtained using sensors. In the modern version this is done all noninvasively without implanted electrodes.

    The evolutionarily older brain is excited and associated with the evolutionarily newer brain to funnel the conscious mind into and out of the unconscious mind, where recognizance on the collective can be deduced, or insertion into the collective can be introduced. There are various possibilities (infinite).

    I have no use for the contraption since I have had to fight it off without
    such a weapon. My conscious mind is already over-associated with my unconscious mind as a pathology and I rely on medication to dampen it out.
    It isn't any kind of novelty to me but a sickness that interferes with my living a normal life. Anyone who benefits from the contraption, more power
    to them, but I opt out. The typical pathological telepath reaps the worst
    and the best of both worlds, which is too much stress for me to humanly cope with and survive. It's just a pain in my ass.

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