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    Peace is the luxury of the dead. Some are close to death. Others learn
    they are going to die and are mortified. "Cowards die many times before
    their death." As if death weren't something to be feared? Who has lost the opportunity and survived anyway? Are those the ones who "cheat death"? Is death bad luck to be avoided at all costs? A black cloud is over them
    wherever they go. They know they are going to die and want to take as many with them as they can when they go. The suffering embrace death as it were
    a friend. When the pain of living is greater than the pain of dying,
    suicide is near on the horizon.

    The fighter is determined to get well with a vengeance. In the process they vow to help as many other sick comrades get well with them as possible. The actual purpose of death serves as a singular ending to a long and fruitful life. When the fruit is mature and ripe, the harvest is plentiful and due.
    The Reaper harvests the young with the old.

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