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    I did accrue several resentments against my qualifier and gave her free room for rent in my head for decades. It was an ongoing issue for me so I made a conscious decision to start praying about her: AVENGE ME OF MY ADVERSARY.
    This type of prayer is perfectly Biblical as chronicled in Luke 18:1-8. I
    said the prayer for months and finally it was answered. God kicked her out
    of my mind and removed the obsession. I may have mistakenly deduced from
    this experience that she DIED, but her DEATH was only in me. The complex I built around her dissolved so that to ME she was dead, and I could find no evidence anywhere that she had actually died. She could no longer enjoy
    free room for rent in my head and I was liberated from her. I am grateful
    to God for helping me out with this. I don't know and I may never know how this affected her, if at all; but for me a decades-long problem was finally solved. Her free ride in me was over. The only thing going on now with me
    is a resentment against me by her husband. He has something to look forward
    to whether he likes it or not. How would he like 3 decades of going through everything I've been through about her? He must now walk in my shoes, grit
    and bear it. Maybe he'll find a shortcut to get his way. Maybe he can remember his years of pleasure with her at my expense. Maybe he is
    permanently defeated. However it is for him, I DON'T CARE. He was never my problem. She always was. Anything that fell on him as a result is purely coincidental. He is a transparent person which has always enabled him to
    mind fuck his professors and be a grade A student. Now it is his chance to cultivate some character. The swelling has been lanced, the infection
    drained and the wound healed up. His problems have NOTHING to do with me.
    He can take a hike.

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