• Ain't it Awrul?

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    It was the end of the civilized world and the permanent takeover by anarchy, and it was all my fault.

    Ain't it awful?

    My conscience was like a man with a megaphone shouting in my ear. I was
    never going to listen. Meanwhile my sexual desires demanded fulfillment. I would never deny myself of them.

    Ain't is awful?

    This is my comeback for guilt: Ain't it awful? It defuses suicide. I'm an imperfect human being. Ain't it awful? Of course it's awful. THEN WHAT
    THE FUCK ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? I plead the fifth. Prove it. I entertained an angry thought and because of it someone died. BULLSHIT. My dick was a gun that ejaculated bullets of sperm that remotely killed the
    mother fucker. PROVE IT. Ain't it awrul?

    The women believe that sexual acrobatics can control society to their
    liking, bump off their enemies and make them champions over humanity. I
    have been known to believe in delusions, too.

    Ain't it awful?

    Romeo and Juliet focused the fury of their rage on me and fucked to kill in
    an attempt to somehow remotely kill me. It didn't happen. It backfired and Romeo died instead. One man overcame both the beast and his whore. Why?
    It worked on all of their other victims. Why not me?

    It was because I had Christ, the bride of the Lamb.

    Something about evolutionary championship: women set up lover triangles to start fights, weed out the weaker of the two and commit to the strong. Then she'd better be prepared when her favorite gets killed instead. That showed her up. It strengthened her resolve to set up another triangle with a
    stronger man. However I refused to play her game and another innocent man
    get killed. The same angle doesn't work every time anyway. Now she is too immersed in the cares of the world to be focused in frivolities, and her
    gift has withered into impotence.

    Ain't it awful?

    It's precisely because of these principles of sexual acrobatics that will determine the winner of the Superbowl. One team carries the legacy of it.
    The other team are just beginners. It won't work. If anything it will make their team stumble. The networks put a time delay on the broadcasts, and
    all of them are different. It also dilutes the contribution of real time broadcasts, also known as the spectators in the stadium. Ain't it awful?
    Sex is just sex, also know as the transmitter of HIV/AIDS.

    They think that by having sex while watching the game, it will cause their
    team to win.

    Likewise, if you drink water while riding a bike, it will keep the air in
    your tires optimally inflated.

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