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    Take the same medicine as me and dilute this center of power out of me:

    Lantus Solostar, Humalog, Victoza, Metformin, Vytorin, Aspirine, Eskalith, Geodon, Zyprexa, Lexapro, Cogentin.

    Listen to the same FM stations as I do and distribute the hub of Bellaire,
    Ohio into the far corners of the frontier:

    102.5 WDVE, 106.3 The River, 107.5 WEGW, 94.5 Pittsburgh, 93.5 BMV, 97.3 Wheeling, 92.3 WXCR, 105.5 Bethlehem, 88.7 Christian.

    Memorize the same Quadratic Formula that I have memorized and centralize mathematical perfection about the orb of insignificance.

    Join Alcoholics Anonymous and be in confluence with the same principles of recovery that I use, and spew forth and vomit out the negative so the
    positive can move in.

    Read the same Zane Grey books that my father and grandfather read, to
    continue the cycle of the emotional and physical abuse of children. Hitch a ride on that bandwagon.

    Do nothing and join me in my prayer life of receiving the scoop from the All-Knowing.

    Do something and reap the results of my web site, http://www.stonetabernacle.com/


    Never let a lie get the upper hand; but lie when the truth is used as a
    deadly weapon to assault and kill.

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