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    It was a family of murderers
    Led by the Kingpin himself, Jack Powelson
    Who was sentenced to be burned at the stake
    But full well knowing this
    He passed the torch on to his own daughter Carolyn
    Believing his own lie that she would escape
    But the vigilantes had different ideas
    And they burned her at the stake instead
    And now she's gone
    The Satanists she embraced
    Made her truly one of their own
    All that remains of her are ashes
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

    But this wasn't the plight I designed for her
    I only prayed I'd be avenged
    I may have consisted of a raindrop in the sea
    While all the others made up an enormity
    And God was infinitely beyond outrage

    Then there in the stars
    No incest will prosper
    No immortality will be granted
    But the justice to all of their victims
    Will reign before the great I AM
    And the pleasures of sex
    Will remain only to the living
    And not to some home brewed afterlife
    Where fucking is enjoyed
    While the living die

    The gun I never owned
    Is in its holster on the peg
    Retired from duty
    Never to kill again
    But did it ever really kill?

    It was a defense mechanism
    To ward off the assaults of aggressors
    But never to its God ordained purpose
    In that I was mistaken
    The same mistake used against me
    The dead like dust in the wind
    It still maintains integrity

    So Powelson discovered the key to the fountain of youth
    And arranged it around his cock to enjoy forever
    It was supposed to be at my expense
    And I had to die, but his way
    Now I know virtually no vitality
    Unlike my elder Donald Trump
    Who is still stuck in the stage of growth of a teenager
    And all of the accommodating benefits of that
    (nice wives, Trump)
    And enabled to stay there
    Trump called me a "loser," and I take offense at it
    I took it to a Higher Intelligence
    In the end we'll see who is the "loser"
    The options have all run out
    The sorceries of the flesh have all been exposed
    The key to the fountain of youth has been hid
    And a seal put on it
    To steady the course for the thousand years

    The perv sees heaven in the hold below the glass
    On deck in pergatory
    In the drone of the living dead
    Mindless occupants of the endless caves
    With one ray of hope
    And part of Powelson's mindless mind still alive
    He faces the challenge
    But there will be no easy way to overcome it
    But through an eternity of hard work
    "LOCKSTEP" [satire]

    So the motorcycle gang moves on
    Finding another victim to avenge
    Though never to live up to the Big One accomplished
    In the pages of the novel
    Of the reality of life

    The End

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