• A Damned Good Worker

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    Years ago I confided in a fellow schizophrenic about negative information
    about my past. When a job opening came up I told him about it, he applied
    and got hired. The next thing I know he's sharing the information with my boss. My boss in turn tried to extort sex out of me in exchange for keeping
    my job in the light of the negative information.

    It was going to be a bad experience for everyone concerned, but I had to weather through it anyway. I tore down the conspiracy by reporting it. My boss became hostile towards me, naturally. Her little arrangement wouldn't work.

    My fellow schizophrenic since then lost his job. I don't know how or why,
    but it's likely because of something about him and not me. Maybe his ploy backfired. What did he have in mind for sharing my negative information?
    To get me fired? What did I ever do to him? I gave him a piece of my sentiments and let it go. He has the whole wide world to stab in the back
    and get away with it. Since he's currently unemployed, apparently he didn't get away with it with everyone like he did me.

    A man is blessed who does his best and leaves the rest to God. I don't go
    to work to play politics. I go to work to do my job, get paid and go home. Nobody needs to be amazed that I still have my job. I have been a damned
    good worker, and that's the most I can hope for the remainder of my
    employment, for as long as it lasts.

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