• To Be Avenged

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    I do pray that I be avenged of people who have offended me. I have found
    that kind of prayer always exacts a price. Various problems crop up in my
    life because of that kind of prayer, nothing I can't handle just so long as
    I keep up with them. However I have found that the price is worth it. I
    need the predators out of my life, whatever that takes, even if it means
    they end up dead. When they die I know that God has avenged me of them, and the problem is solved.

    I can't just think it and people die. All I can do is pray. In my heart I might want them dead, but in my prayer I only ask to be avenged. If God is true to my heart He will kill them. If He is true to my prayer he will only chasten them. What's the difference? The difference is a matter between
    life and death. My assailant will either change their ways or sacrifice
    their life FOR MY PEACE OF MIND.

    Without knowing or having proof that someone is dead or alive, I can say in confidence that it is AS IF they were dead to me, and that I have
    annihilated every last trace of them in my mind and refrained from giving
    them free room for rent in my mentality, which is what a resentment is.

    If I have sinned, let me pay the price for it myself and let Jesus off the hook. I am still an Old Testament man of God. God speaks to me directly
    and I have no choice but to believe. No other information is out there.

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