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    The disease never progressed in me to the point of liver damage or
    blackouts. I just got off the elevator on the first subfloor. It was never that difficult for me to quit. Still today, 19 years later, my mouth still waters at the thought of a salty cold one.

    Drinking cause me enough problems, though, that I joined AA and quit. Since then the only threats to my sobriety were problems of life that I
    encountered along the way: being investigated, relationships, finances and
    so on. Yet I made it over these hurdles with the help of AA and God.

    I guess for everything that helps me out, there has to be some wise guy who tears it down. "He called it One-Day-At-A-Time-ism" and "Now-ism." The
    only thing that helped him out was power from God.

    With a little scratch and a bruise from that, I still use One Day At A Time
    to overcome my everyday obstacles and live better. My leisure time is about
    to end and my work time is about to begin. Tomorrow I have to do the same thing.

    MY ASS

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