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    I was awoken by a phone call reminding me of an appointment tomorrow
    morning. It's fortunate that they called because I neglected to write it
    down in my date book. Now I have to go in tomorrow, more gas and more bullshit. I took the furnace apart and checked if the legs were balanced.
    One had 120v and the other had 123v, so they are reasonably balanced. I checked if any of the wires were fried off but they weren't. So I have both elements going and I but the beast back together. It came around time and I drove up the driveway to my girlfriend's car, which had a blown 10amp fuse
    in it, so I replaced the fuse and the dome light worked again. It keeps blowing fuses. Later on I'm putting a breaker in it that automatically
    resets. I had to take some tools up, but when I pulled the meter out of the toolbox one of the leads broke, so I had to solder and tape it back
    together. I need to go to a meeting and catch a guy to give him clearance papers for the prison. So far I've got two guys to help me with meetings in the prison.

    For all those who prayed Carolyn would die, congratulations, she finally
    did. Now I believe it. I believe she's dead because I perceive that she is dead, not because some zealot Jesus freak prayed for me to believe a lie:
    the lie that she's dead when she's still alive. So be careful what you pray for. It may come true. Consequently it's a monkey off my back. She knew
    she had a pleasant haven in me, but she outstayed her welcome. I was the reason she was empowered to make fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. I was the reason she made it in life. Heaven forbid if she gave me anything in return for everything I did for her. She was just a psychic vampire who presumed herself entitled to kill people at whim, and she
    sported multitudes of hits, one being my dear classmate Cynthia Jane
    Anderson. Now Carolyn shares the plight of her father, not in heaven but in purgatory and hell.

    My criticism of Carolyn was necessary to demote her from a queen to a whore, and dissolve the power she enjoyed over me. Maybe a few other people read
    my posts. Maybe they might have reacted in a way that helped me. I am a limited human being and I got my help from readers who didn't reply, which
    in of itself was a big reply. Then I demoted my complex surrounding her
    where there is now death and peace. That's all I wanted. Dead or alive
    that is all I wanted. Now I got it. She is no more.

    Carolyn never should have gotten her kicks at the expense of others. In
    return for her sexual exploits against me, I attained my own peace of mind
    at her expense, and it was a long time coming to her. So may Denver lose Superbowl 50 and seal the cause of Carolyn's death for another generation.

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