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    Carolyn spent part of her childhood absorbing and blending in with Africans while her father worked there. He was forced to work overseas after being nailed for fucking his students in Pittsburgh. When he got back in the
    states he changed his name from John to Jack and his wife's name from Alice
    to Robin. He pretty well got away with it.

    Carolyn grew to believe in the supernatural forces of sex, which don't exist but tell her that. For the part of it that she could salvage, she put her lover on the chopping block, putting him in harm's way for the sake of her stinking pride. She presumed herself omnipotent and naturally the same with the man of her choice, the only man she ever loved. She had to set up the Gladiator match. He lost because he was an evolutionarily weak specimen of
    the species. She set everything up so he would die for violating her like
    her daddy did during all of her childhood.

    And Cassandra did the honors for me.

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