• such grace

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    Don't get me wrong. I would delight in killing the living fuck out of my adversary; but for the grace of God I leave that to Him. The only thing I'm required to do is turn it over and pray. And I'll pray as I damned fuck
    please to pray, all things considered, all things aside.

    The consequences of this for my adversary are out of the sphere of my
    knowledge or control. All I know is how I feel. A voice might tell me this
    or that, but the voice is a hallucination and unreliable. I had a bad experience and brush with death for obeying voices. I don't trust them for
    the danger they were to me. I don't trust them for the danger they saved me from either. When God wants me dead He'll bring the works down on me from
    12 different ways. I won't have a choice, I'll be checkmated and killed for good, DEAD. Until then I'm not a "loser", DONALD JOHN SKUNK.

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