• instigator of homicide

    From Jon G.@21:1/5 to All on Sat Jun 29 03:30:01 2019
    Now that my adversaries are dead and gone, I may turn my attention to the girl involved in all of them, the inciter and instigator of homicide.

    She stands at a loss of her beloved, which is just the beginning of the grief she is about to yet feel as more is revealed of her involvement in their homicides.

    Part of her practice at the art of deception involves killing people with psychology alone. For instance she may catalyze suicide by insulting someone who is in love with her for the specific and intentional purpose of instigating their suicide; or
    homicide by psychology. She cultivates feeling for her in her victims; brutalizes their feelings for her and leaves them mortally injured and wounded, then acting as if nothing ever happened.

    However if anyone deserves to die in the resulting triangles, it's her: the blame is hers for creating the triangles and using them to kill people, or for committing homicide.

    To date her victims include her lover, her advocate and her father. She murdered them all by mistake because of her inexperience at using an ability she inherited and abused. If she had to work to hone her ability, she may have learned to use it more
    sparingly and more wisely.

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