• Psychological sexual molestation

    From Jon G.@21:1/5 to All on Mon May 28 17:22:53 2018
    On the surface he couldn't have appeared to be any more noble of a person, but scratch his veneer and it reveals a most hideous, heinous kind of man. He tried but he couldn't kill me. All of his successful murders still couldn't measure up to A MAN OF
    GOD and all fortifications that accompany that. If I get killed now it still doesn't matter. A foul beast has been slain and his dominion crushed, all by the prayer of A MAN OF GOD.

    The time came due, and God handed me the axe. I could have, but I returned it to Him to do it His way, and He pulled through. GOD MURDERS THE FOUL TO WEED THE THICKET OUT AND REAPS THE UPRIGHT FOR STORES IN HEAVEN'S RESOURCES.

    John Palen Powelson relentlessly molested his daughter Carolyn, who was happy to see him finally dead. She would never know a man without a sexual agenda with her.

    Psychological sexual molestation accessing the victim through the collective, entering in and gratifying the aggressor's perversion between father and daughter.

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