• I got a visit from Dr. Jew Zeuss

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    After I upgraded to windows 10 I wondered what I was going to do in the
    event of a crash. My thought was I'd re-install windows 7, copy windows 10
    on it from another pc through the network, install windows 10 again and then restore from the 5 dvds I burned with backup.

    The only reason I couldn't access my other pc's on the network was because
    the workgroup NAME wasn't the same. Windows 10 used a different NAME.
    After I changed the workgroup NAME to be the same on all pc's, it fixed the problem.

    The broadband was down for a couple of days so it rolled over to dial-up.
    When the broadband went back up I forgot to turn off the modem, which messed
    up my phone and my network switch. Broadband was back up but it messed up
    my browsers. After I reset the switch the browsers worked again.

    Windows 10 has the option to use the old Internet Explorer 10, but when I
    was using it once it froze up on me.

    Okay Microsoft have it your way. Whatever. I still have to learn how to
    use the windows 10 browser called "Edge", like doing something so simple as setting the 2nd default browser to Google. EGO: Easing God Out.

    Dr. Jew Zeuss paid me a visit to my inbox. It was pretty obviously a poor engineered scam, an imposter to Microsoft. When I rolled over the link
    "click here" the url was at least 250 characters long.

    Headquarters was working on perfecting the immaculate conception, but they
    got their two male candidates' balls mixed up. It was like trying to play a game of ping pong but with two balls. This is the way it was meant to all
    turn out.

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