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    This is your last chance, literally until I guess midnight, give or take to preorder copies of American Marxism, because tomorrow theyíre out. I donít
    know how many are going to wind up being sold tomorrow, but we already know thereís over a quarter of a million. I want you to get a first edition, and
    in order to get a first edition, you have to preorder pretty much, and then
    you can give them to your kids and your grandkids and other people, because weíre going to spend some time on this. Itís too important just to look at my book and move along here. And you can see how it sort of insinuates itself in so many things that are going on here. Look at Cuba. Look at whatís going on
    in Cuba. Now, Cuba is supposed to be one of these utopias where everybody is equal. Everybodyís taken care of by the government, everybody gets something for free. The people are starving. There is no health care, thereís no medicine. Thereís a reason why Bernie Sanders has for so long and so many
    years applauded Cuba, thereís a reason why AOC. And Bush. And Tlaib, Pressley and the others are not denouncing Cuba. Itís because theyíre American
    Marxists, because they agree with backup is doing. You see, equality in hell
    is still hell. And look at the two societies, people willing to put their
    lives on the line to escape that country, that island country any way they possibly can. And people trying to get into America. Any way they possibly
    can. That juxtaposition should be enough to explain the difference between liberty and tyranny, between capitalism and Marxism, but apparently itís not. Apparently, itís not. And of course, what the Cuban government has done now
    is theyíve cut down the theyíve shut down the Internet. They banned people
    from the Internet. Just like what, just like who, just like our big tech. People who run big tech, the radical Democrats, do the same thing. People
    want liberty in the end. Sometimes they donít realize it when they have it. Liberty permeates our society. People are free to destroy the society or
    attack other people in this country to undermine the rule of law. Weíve never quite figured out because itís impossible to figure out the Catch 22, you
    see. Where liberty gives liberty to people to destroy liberty. Cannard thing, itís a puzzle. Free to destroy. Jen Psaki, the White House briefing today on the Cuba protests and you see there. When you protest, you can be murdered.
    You can ride up on a list. He can be thrown in prison, there is no due
    process. Here, when your protest and I mean arson, looting and so forth,
    mostly peaceful, of course, you are celebrated. Cut to go. Just to follow up
    on Cuba, can you give us a sense of where the presidentís policy review is right now? Do you anticipate making any changes, as Jonathan asked him, where do you see it going from here? Well, I will say first, and I meant to say
    this in response to Jonathan, but thereís every indication that yesterdayís protests were spontaneous expressions of people who are exhausted with the Cuban governmentís economic mismanagement and repression, economic mismanagement and repression. Thatís a bad combo when you say Mr. Producer. Economic mismanagement and repression. Interesting. Interesting, weíll keep that in mind. Go ahead. These are protests inspired by the harsh reality of everyday life in Cuba, not people in another country. Iím saying that because
    I think there have been a range of accusations out there as well. Iím not
    sure what she means. Doesnít really matter what she means. But the harsh reality of people living in Cuba under those circumstances is what happens
    when you destroy the civil society, when you reject capitalism, when you
    reject constitutionalism, separation of powers and all the protections are brilliant framers put in place. Presently, to ensure that we wouldnít wind up like a Cuba or a China. Or Russia. And the rest of it. Part of the problem we have in this country. Is, of course, a significant problem is the media. The media in our country are filled with low IQ individuals, individuals who havenít experienced much about life. Individuals who live in a bubble. And individuals who despise the country. Every single one of these American
    Marxist movements spawned from Marxism, they endorse, they support every
    single one, they donít challenge any of them. Whether itís critical race
    theory or the degrowth movement dressed up as climate change. Whether itís
    open borders. The transgender movement, of all things, yes. They endorse
    every single one of them. Portia Segal Brown, CBS News producer on CBS This Morning, letís blame Trump for the throw the crisis in Cuba hat tip
    newscasters cut three go on Cuban television. Deschanel blamed the protest on the US and its trade embargo for a severe impact on Cubaís recent economic downturn. The Trump administration passed many more regulations, many more sanctions against it, which basically has cut off all income coming into
    Cuba. Now that that New Yorker is a CBS News producer. Go ahead, single mom
    is a CBS News producer based in Cuba. I think the Biden administration at
    least said at the beginning he was going to review his policy and make
    changes, but nothing has happened. Itís really perplexing, isnít it? She doesnít blame the Marxists brutal, vile system in Cuba. Of course, theyíre
    free to get whatever they want from other countries pretty much. We have a trade embargo, you see. That doesnít stop the communist Chinese or the fascistic Russians. How about they change the repressive government? CBS News producer never even enters her head. Itís not even worth discussing. The American trade embargo. So itís Americaís fault, you see. Itís Americaís
    fault. Itís appalling. And then, of course, you have people who are trying
    to. Make a parallel argument between our country and Republicans and Cuba. Well, let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, Cuba, communist China, these communist regimes are the logical. Consequence. Of destroying individualism, liberty. A real serious academic related education where
    thereís academic freedom and free speech. The centralization of power. The centralization of economic decisions, I donít know how many more examples we need of inhumanity, impoverishment, police states. Better linked to Marxism than we have now and have had in the past. And how groups like Black Lives matter simply because they wrapped themselves in race or antifa or others.
    Get away with building support among Americans, quote unquote, elites in the media and entertainment, in basketball and on and on and on. This is the consequence. Of this ideology. This is it. And so this is another learning moment. For us, we, the American people, when we see whatís going on in Cuba, other people are trying to rise up and now the country starts again. We canít see whatís going on in their. The people in Iran tried to rise up, they were put down. Tiananmen Square, the people in China tried to rise up, they put people in Hong Kong, tried to protect their liberty, they were put down. How many more examples do we need? And yet the Democrat Party has aligned itself with these American Marxist movements. And its spokesman. Dare to accuse
    those who stand for liberty and integrity in a voting system and so forth of doing what they are doing. And Iíll explain more. As the show proceeds. American Marxism is clearly the most important book Iíve read because of the Times. And because as I look back on it, you know, I finished it three months ago. Itís relatable to almost everything thatís going on in this country and throughout the world. It is impossible even one hour on Sean Hannityís show
    on Friday night, and heís very gracious to do that for me and these other programs that Iíve been on. Fox and Friends Sunday, wonderful, wonderful
    hosts. Iíll be on Fox and Friends tomorrow. I believe it said. Eight or eight thirty Eastern Time. But itís impossible. To convey. In any significant way, whatís in the book, itís something you have to read. I can explain. And I
    will explain behind this microphone and on live TV and Life, Liberty, and
    Levin major aspects of this. Major aspects of this. But itís not possible to convey everything thatís in the book. All the puzzle pieces that come
    together and so that does require. You to read it or get the audio and listen to it, but Iím going to do my very best. My very best. To convey as much as I possibly can. Because we have got to draw a line in the sand now, weíve got
    to defend our kids and our grandkids. Weíve got to defend our borders. Weíve got to defend our economic system. Weíve got to defend our mores and and values. Because if we donít defend it, nobody else will and nobody else can. Itís that simple. Iíll be right back.

    Hour 1 Segment 2

    As long as you have people on network television programs and cable
    television programs who are so obsessed and so hateful, the people of this country will despise the media. They will despise the corporatists that run
    the media, that is. The three suit types who stand behind the curtain, Joy Behar, is a lunatic. Sheís low IQ, sheís unhinged. She should be in a padded cell. She felt at radio. And yet sheís so outrageous and so provocative,
    sheís on this network show called The View and of course, on The View, one tries to out stupid the next. But I think itís fair to say Joy Behar is the queen of stupid or the birthing person of stupid. Can I say that, Mr.
    Producer? So here she is on The View today, and I say this, this contributes
    to the demise of this society. Cut five, go, you know, I despise a dictatorship, I despise authoritarianism, and I do not want the people. First of all, as youíre splattering with your spittle all over the place, you do
    not despise dictatorship or despise authoritarianism. If itís dressed up in Bernie Sanders or AOC or dressed up Democrat, youíll be marching behind them. Playing a drum. Go ahead. But under that repressive regime, I do believe that the blockades need to be lifted so that the people donít see the blockades
    need to be lifted so the people donít suffer. Thatís the problem, our
    blockade. Our blockades are the problem. I heard Nikki Haley earlier today
    say when it comes to medicine and that sort of thing, we donít prevent that getting into Cuba and the people are tired of the failure of their health
    care system. Because Bernie Sanders type Obamacare is a failure, it doesnít work under any system. Go ahead, move down there. Itís outrageous and you
    know whatís outrageous? Weíre preventing food from getting to Cuba. Weíre not preventing food from getting to Cuba. Go ahead. This is why I rail against voters rights in this country, because it is a it is a slippery slope to a dictatorship when people canít vote and we have to watch our own democracy
    very carefully right now. You are such a buffoon. People canít vote in this country. If we take the numbers that have been presented to us, more people voted than ever before in American history. People canít vote in this
    country. And so weíre on a slippery slope because people can vote in this country, no, you want a slippery slope because you really do not despise dictatorship, you really do not despise authoritarianism, and you really do
    not despise Cuba under the Castros, one dead, one alive. Neither did Obama. Neither did Sanders. Neither did the the Stooges. None of them none of them denounced Cuba. But itís Americaís fault, ladies and gentlemen, even more
    than that, itís Donald Trumpís fault. Of course, every president, Republican and Democrat, up to Barack Obama, up to Barack Obama, has seen Cuba to be the police state communist state that it is. But Joy Behar on The View. No, no,
    you donít understand. Itís our fault and itís Trumpís fault. Thatís why somebody like this should get the hook. Iíll be right back.

    Hour 1 Segment 3

    Weíre going to wait until the book comes out tomorrow to really dig in, but I also Iím going to spend a little bit of time on the final chapter. Thereís
    only seven chapters in this book, and itís the longest book Iíve written.
    Weíre going to dig into that chapter a little bit because thatís the chapter
    we choose liberty and some of the things that we can do to claw our way out
    of the abyss, because I know some of you are chomping at the bit on that. The reason for the other chapters, of course, is so we know exactly what weíre dealing with someone. We institute these various strategies and tactics. Theyíre instituted in a very smart way. And we picked them for a purpose. Thatís how you win political battles. Thatís how you win military battles,
    and thatís how you win cultural battles. Otherwise, youíre swinging wildly.
    We donít want to swing wildly now, that doesnít mean some people around the country arenít doing some of the things that I come up with, I canít possibly know everything thatís going on. But these are things that Iíve thought
    through as being an activist my entire life, mission oriented my entire life, and one of the few actually in broadcasting it has been, which is why I can write a book like this. But one of the things we have to do is unmask
    American Marxism. We have to explain it. We have to explain itís the the
    basis behind it, who was behind it. So we were challenged. We can address it. If we face ridicule and attack, we can address that or ignore that as
    strategy compels. And there are things that we absolutely can do that arenít being done and certainly not being done at the level that they need to be
    done to claw our way back. So I want to encourage you. I have this book show
    up at your house tomorrow for your place of business tomorrow or your
    workplace tomorrow. Just ordered online and after tomorrow. That is excuse
    me, after today and starting tomorrow, the book will be available in Barnes
    and Noble. Wal-Mart. Supposed to be the airport outlets, but typically itís
    not I donít know what they do behind him in the back, all the warehouse
    stores. Books-A-Million all the independent bookstores. Wherever you shop. Thatís where this book is supposed to be available. Theyíre going to be
    800,000 copies of this book out there, Mr. Producer. Not all of them will be first edition. If you want first edition, you got to get in there now, get in there tonight and order it online at some point it wonít matter. Some point
    it wonít matter. And hereís the thing, once youíre done with this book,
    youíre going to feel really good about yourselves. Youíre going to be able to talk about these issues. Youíre going to be able to to dig into these issues. Youíre going to be able to be. And activists in small ways and large,
    depending on you, whether you drive a truck or Uber, a taxi, a bus, whether youíre a cop or a firefighter or emergency personnel. Whether youíre a
    teacher, a real teacher or professor, a real professor, whether you protect
    our border. Whomever you are, an electrician or plumber. If youíre a lawyer
    or a doctor. If youíre a housewife. It doesnít matter. This book is written
    for all of you. The only advice I give you is this take your time with it one page at a time. We are confronting a lot of movements at the same time,
    thatís the goal, to overwhelm us and to dispirit us. My goal is to unmask
    them, unravel them piece by piece. And then we put them back together again. And then, you know exactly whatís going on, and then we have I have some suggestions on how to confront them. None of which involves violence like
    that, all of which not just mostly peaceful, but completely peaceful. Weíre
    not going to get a fair break in the media. Thatís the way it is. Weíre
    adults here and weíll deal with it. Theyíre not our audience. There are tens
    of millions of us, tens of millions of us. We outnumber them and we have resources. We donít have to play their game, we donít have to embrace their narrative, we donít have to digest their propaganda. Which is why I boldly named the book American Marxism. Iím tired of calling them by the names they want to be called rather than the name that they are. Now, thereís still a little hesitancy on TV among some still a little hesitancy among the politicians, you know, the socialists, these radicals, these leftists donít eventually join in and theyíll jump to the front of the parade. Thatís OK by me. But that also tells me that read the book. Or that their agenda is not
    our agenda. We canít play around anymore. We canít pretend weíre actually
    doing something when weíre not doing anything. Thatís my concern. And look. Either we will build this national movement. Or we want. Either theyíre
    better at it than we are or theyíre not. Thatís the bottom line. Now, this
    this is not an esoteric discussion, this is not theoretical. Itís not an abstraction. Itís here. Itís here youíve seen it in the classrooms with the kids. But thatís not the only place, itís in the workplace. He canít even go
    to Disneyland or Disney World without. Without seeing whatís taking place.
    You canít even watch TV anymore, even the History Channel or A&E or or Discovery without propaganda pouring into your house, the television. Itís. Itís a kind of a watch, sporting events. Without these dimwitted athletes,
    not all, but too damn many of them regurgitating this stuff. And theyíre broadcasters for the most part. So unless we arm ourselves with knowledge. Unless we arm ourselves with strategies and tactics. Unless we understand
    what weíre up against, we will fail. We will fail. Iím not suggesting you
    read 25 books or 125 books or hundreds and hundreds of books like Iíve had to do. Just one. Hopefully your libraries will carry the book. That way, those
    of you who canít afford it can get to the library and purchase it. I have my.
    I donít know what theyíll do. But hereís whatís going to happen eventually,
    if enough of you acquire this book and youíre walking in an airport with this book, youíre walking out of. Youíre going to be able to notice. Thatís a patriot, thatís somebody who loves the country. Thatís somebody who believes
    in the capitalist system, that somebody who rejects these racist Marxist ideologies. Say hello to the person. It feels good. We have numbers. Youíll notice. This revolution that theyíre pushing. Thereís no groundswell for
    this. The great mass of the American people arenít rising up and demanding
    the end to their economic system, the great mass of the American people are rising up, calling 65 percent of the American people racistís. The great mass of the American people arenít rising up, rejecting a colorblind society. And Martin Luther King for Louis Farrakhan and the Marxists. The great masses of society arenít rising up and say, yes, we should shrink our economy and limit our ability to create wealth and opportunity, especially for our children and grandchildren, the great masses arenít supporting that. The great masses
    arenít saying, yes, please indoctrinate my kid in college, please
    indoctrinate them at some phenomenal expense, some confiscatory amount. So
    when they come out of college, we donít even get along as a family anymore. Well, whoís doing this? Turn on television, you canít even watch the Sunday shows. Theyíre all full of crap. Vast majority of them. By Democrat
    operatives pretending to be journalists and journalism. Donít let that static get in your head. Stop reading The New York Times in The Washington Post.
    Stop listening to these people. Theyíre crackpots, theyíre demagogues,
    theyíre propagandists. The New York Times in particular, has a horrific history, a human rights history that. That is so grotesque. And The
    Washington Post is not far behind. NBC, CBS, ABC, you canít get a job there
    as an anchor, if youíre an honest journalist, you got to push the propaganda baby. So put them out of your minds, push them away. And these corporations
    are in for a huge surprise after weíre done talking. Huge surprise. As far as Iím concerned. We have been very passive. So we vote. But we pay for everything. We make the country work. Vast majority of us donít ask for a
    damn thing. And we are attacked. Our characters are smeared, they seek to degrade us and dispirit us. Purpose of this book is to rally us, to galvanize us. And they give us reasons to do it. And to let you know, you do matter
    each and every one of you. And we need each and every one of you. We donít
    care about color, we donít care about what your faith is, what your
    background is, if you love the country, thatís all that matters. And we may even love it for some different reasons. And weíre going to put our
    differences aside. But truth is truth and reality is reality, the Democrat Party is the most powerful political force for American Marxism based on its support for all of these these movements under the leadership, so to speak.
    Joe Biden. This canít be ignored any longer. Iím Chuck Schumer or Nancy
    Pelosi. They will do anything for power, they will do anything to empower
    their party. Itís 50/50 in the Senate. They have no mandate. Sheís got a four vote lead in the House. They have no mandate, none whatsoever. And so what happens, Biden, who talks against autocracy, is the biggest autocrat in a nation issuing executive orders, controlling the private sector, controlling womenís sports, controlling what goes on in the classroom, pushing the agenda of the Marxists in this country. Now, I know this word upsets. The Marxists
    who pretend or otherwise, now thereís the out of the closets. But thereís a whole phalanx. The people who pretend otherwise. They largely embrace. The Marxist economic system, I donít mean they say in every respect, you know,
    grab the property. No, no, no. I said itís an Americanized form. There was a time when the media were honest about this back in 1989. And I pointed out in the book in the second chapter. An entire an entire column written. About how Marxism is far more acceptable in colleges and universities back in 1989, because theyíve broken themselves into these various pieces for feminism or immigration, for this, that and the other, itís exactly what theyíve done. So weíre not going to put up with censorship, weíre not going to put up with intimidation, weíre not going to put out with bald face lying, which tries to sugar coat this stuff. And the only way weíre going to win this battle is to
    be honest with ourselves and honest with others about whatís taking place in this country. You want to talk about insurrection? Look at the NCAA in the about how theyíve taken over our classrooms, how theyíve taken over
    textbooks, how theyíve taken over the the entire learning process from us, we pay for everything. We have no say. Thatís got to stop. We donít even have access to information. Thatís got to stop. Our universities and colleges are killing us with these tenured Marxists and radicals. Well, how does that happen? We need to find out and whoís paying for that? We are we know so
    little about universities and colleges. We know so little about the NEA in
    the afine, what theyíre doing to our classrooms and our kids. Thatís got to change. And much more. Iíll be right back.

    Hour 1 Segment 4

    And so the lesson from Cuba is one, that we should destroy Republican legislatures because they want voting that has integrity. Which has been far more liberalized before the pandemic. But liberalizing voting doesnít mean destroying the franchise so that people who are voting legitimately have
    their vote neutralized by people who are fixing the system, stuffing the ballot, getting people to vote, who arenít legally supposed to vote, which receives almost no attention. And I like to discuss. And you see Hackís, everybody named Joy seems to be a hack except you conservatives out there, of course. And because of that, weíre on the slippery slope to Cubitt, no, no, that has nothing to do with it. The Democrat Party has embraced every single one of these American Marxist movements, every single one and every single
    one of them is attacking one of our systems, our institutions or traditions after another. Itís not progress. Itís regress attacking the economic system, attacking our border sovereignty and security. Attacking what goes on in a classroom and indoctrinating our children in filth and hate. As if theyíre attending a Louis Farrakhan. Event, itís just disgusting and instead we donít talk about the Constitution and liberty and unalienable rights and private property rights, none of that, almost none of thatís being taught in our classrooms. Almost none of that is being studied in our colleges and universities. Almost none of that is promoted or even mentioned in our media today. Well, weíve got to do this. We canít leave it to somebody else. Iíll
    be right back.

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