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    Canada vaccine mandate: Governement says Quebec's 'unvaxxed tax' >>>>>>>> leads to spike in first dose appointments. By Paula Newton, CNN - >>>>>>>> Yesterday 10:48 PM.

    One day after the Canadian province of Quebec announced it would >>>>>>>> financially penalize residents who are unvaccinated, the province's >>>>>>>> health minister said Wednesday first-time appointments spiked in the >>>>>>>> hours following the announcement.

    "It's encouraging!" Quebec's health minister, Christian Dube,
    tweeted, indicating that Tuesday's first-dose appointments were the >>>>>>>> highest in several days.

    The fine for the unvaccinated would not apply to those with a
    medical exemption, and no details have been announced, although >>>>>>>> officials said the amount to be levied would be "significant." >>>>>>>>
    The Quebec government says that while nearly 90% of eligible
    Quebecers have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, the >>>>>>>> unvaccinated remain a burden on the province's public health system. >>>>>>>>
    At a Covid-19 briefing Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin >>>>>>>> Trudeau said he wouldn't weigh in on whether Quebec's financial >>>>>>>> penalty for the unvaccinated was good policy, saying he needed to >>>>>>>> see further details.

    Trudeau underscored that Canada has strict vaccine mandates in place >>>>>>>> for airline and train passengers, federal workers, and workplaces >>>>>>>> regulated by the federal government.

    "And for people who continue to hesitate or to choose not to get >>>>>>>> vaccinated, they are losing privileges to do certain things, whether >>>>>>>> it's get on a train or a plane, whether it's travel internationally, >>>>>>>> whether it's move forward with a job in the public service," said >>>>>>>> Trudeau at a news conference Wednesday acknowledging there is
    continued debate on how best to incentivize the unvaccinated.

    Last week, Quebec, where nearly a quarter of all Canadians live, >>>>>>>> announced that residents would have to be vaccinated to buy alcohol >>>>>>>> or cannabis. Proof of vaccination is required in order to eat in >>>>>>>> restaurants, go to the gym or attend sporting events.

    Canadian Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos added that while the new >>>>>>>> penalty in Quebec could not violate Canada's health laws,
    vaccination is the way out of the pandemic and mandates have been a >>>>>>>> useful tool in Canada.

    "We have also demonstrated at the federal level that vaccine
    mandates work, 99% of public servants, almost 99% of public servants >>>>>>>> at the federal level are either fully vaccinated or soon to be fully >>>>>>>> vaccinated," Duclos said at a news conference in Ottawa on

    Public health officials say the vast majority of patients in Quebec >>>>>>>> hospitals remain unvaccinated. Officials have not said how many >>>>>>>> hospitalized Covid patients are unvaccinated.
    I don't like the idea of a tax on the unvaccinated.

    Why not? It's the correct thing to do. Canada is more advance and
    right thinking than we are and we should strive to be more like
    Canada. Praise Canada!!!
    Right on!
    Force is only appropriate when force is initiated.
    In a free country, vaccination should be a personal decision.
    Obviously, it is the correct decision, especially in the case
    of the Covid vaccines, which have been tested and
    shown to be effective at keeping more people out of
    hospitals and out of coffins. I'd much rather see the antivaxer
    quarantined and not allowed out in public as it is clear they care
    nothing for their neighbors and are a threat to public

    The best ideas SHOULD win, but they don't always.

    get a free case of beer for getting a shot , yay , now that's canadian

    A sixpack should do it for many antivaxxers.

    instead of buying liquor , i buy nyquill
    cause it's 80 proof just like liquor , but
    nyquill makes me feel squzzier and i like that

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