• Re: Sent A Email Again To Camrose Chrysler And Some Chrysler Corporate

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    On 12/22/2021 12:53 PM, DR. WTF wrote:
    On 2021-12-22 7:37 a.m., Royal Canadian Internet Carto0ney wrote:
    On 12/21/2021 11:18 PM, DR. WTF wrote:

    Dardar is mentally ill but no one should be calling her place of
    employment looking for personal information.  No one.

    I agree, but DarDar also should not have DOXed herself to usenet. She
    is her own worse enemy, she posts her info on Global forums. Then is
    shocked that some denizens online will pick up her gauntlet!

    No doubt about, she is her own enemy and should have walked away long
    ago.  However that shouldn't stop people from restraining themselves
    from stalking her at her job with phone calls, in other words taking it
    off Usenet to real life.

    I agree about the RL bit, Dick Scoville was one that took stuff to real
    life to the point of ePersonating his target's family members or people
    he assumed were related. He is known to file false police reports,
    contact employers and so on. If one wishes to be a fool on usenet to me
    that is one thing, but RL is something else.

    NOTE: Darlene has contacted family members in RL by her own statements.
    She is proud to proclaim she contacted David Ritz's ex-wife and daughter
    in her search for Kerry Chatwin.

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