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    On 12/17/2021 8:21 AM, jacodar242@gmail.com wrote:

    The CAMROSE rcmp told me you are not real. They don’t lie to me..
    they have a duty to serve and protect. And your duty was to be a
    secret and you blew it ..

    They’re not going to defend you.. they
    have nothing to back up your lies:

    Camrose RCMP is a tiny detachment in a tiny hick town, with only
    experience in MVA and the occasional cow tipping (which is where they
    met you)

    Cpl Trent Keynon "investigation" was simply a phone call to me with you yammering in the background telling him that's Kerry's voice.

    To be clear, they were appeasing you to get rid of you. They as so much
    told the Ottawa Police that. The police have you flagged as a kook.

    The Camrose RCMP even asked if I was AC Darrell LaFosse, which you
    claimed was me, because you can't read.

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