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    On 11/12/2021 7:20 AM, jacod...@gmail.com wrote:

    Trent called <redacted> when I was in the room. Kerry Chatwin answered it,

    Bullshit, he called me in Ottawa, Canada and I answered to phone. I
    wasn't going to pick it up as caller ID said;"unknown number" I had no
    way to verify if he was who he said he was, I verified his credentials
    when I called the Camrose detachment back the next day. I knew he was on
    a speaker, as I could hear you yammering in the background. This is
    really a violation of proper police investigation policy. However my
    identity was confirmed, and my phone call logs showing all of Darlene's incoming calls and only one single call to Alberta, was my follow-up
    call to Camrose RCMP was provided to them by my phone provider.

    The Camrose RCMP asked if I wished to lay charges, but it was suggested
    by the RCMP and the Ottawa Police I not answer calls from 780-***-****
    and archive the voicemails. It was suggested that charging Darlene was
    not in the public interest, as she clearly had mental issues.

    This is the same Darlene when she called the Ottawa Police and asked for
    Kerry Chatwin.

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    On 11/15/2021 8:11 AM, jacodar242@gmail.com wrote:

    I have evidence it’s Kerry Chatwin who is call spoofing <redacted> ,
    but Darrell clings to the script that is Richard Morton Scoville, and
    refuses to accept the reality that it’s Kerry Chatwin who is spoofing
    his number.

    This is where Darlene's script falls apart, she claims Kerry Chatwin who
    I don't know, and never met spoofed my phone number for reasons? Yet she
    also claims that copper Trent K called my number in Ottawa and Kerry
    Chatwin answered! That is technically impossible, and improbable.

    Darlene's reality is based on voices in her head. Here is one on 145
    voicemails she left on my voicemail begging me to pretend that I am Kerry...


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