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    or -


    lie cry and deny, retard
    So your headers are all truth? Stupid noob.

    What's he supposedly proving?
    That Chadwick Bryant is a lonely, broken record.

    And no-one of merit in here has listened to a record in the >>>>>>>>>> past twenty

    "I already served during an armed campaign" - Chad
    'Office-Rapist-Spinkicker' Bryant Apr 11, 2017


    How many times do I have to tell that clown this Id I use was >>>>>>>>> made over 20 years ago?

    Chad don't care, he digs up some bullshit from archives and thinks >>>>>>>> he's Columbo.

    Why doesn't he get a job?

    i have a good paying job, while you work for peanuts
    as a retard target stock boy and skeeter eaks sits in that
    shitty rented single wide trailer with howdy doody
    waiting on his next SSI check and his EBT card  LOL

    I have no job, that is confirmed.

    yes, you're a confirmed pissbum



    Chad is nothing but a rerun.

    you only have yourself to blame for the life choices
    you've made, ssi collecting mullet wearing trailer trash

    it doesn't matter where he gets his money

    sez the other drug addled mooching reach-around assworm LOL

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