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    The letter of marque means fuck all to me.. anons
    Kerry did you know that I did love you and I was absolutely happy in Montreal .. I was receiving hundreds of emails a day from my ad on Kijiji
    And all I had to to was post a seemingly real bio along side a seemingly real photo but I did have so show up .. and that’s when I used a fake name and a fake bio. Kerry became insanely jealous in abused his position as the CEO OF THE CABAL .. to
    harass me as muscleman 73.. Kerry hated that I went out with a black man.. Kerry hated that I was in Montreal without him so I sent him a sappy email telling him he was my true love … meanwhile my husband was calling me everyday crying he loves me and
    wanted me to come home.. Real truth .. Kerry I don’t love you and I never did I wanted revenge for the Dox on hockeytalk

    Does your employer know you are using his Internet access to post to
    usenet, I can't see that being in your job description.

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