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    hello on the counter

    Hello. How are you?

    oh i'm fine

    I am ok. That's good.

    i'm good that's ok

    I am fine, just sitting here. I am ok.

    i'm here

    me too, I'm here.

    i can see out the window i'm fine

    do they have it on the shelves?

    on each side and i see the road

    something like that, maybe

    i'll have soup

    I'm waiting for my dad, I cleaned my refrigerator.

    did you alleviate your lumbar

    still a little nervous but I'm ok

    did you miss your period
    how do you mean MISS it? like was it LATE!?!??!? like it NEVER CAME AT ALL!?!??!?!? like it was only a few faint thin bloody twiny threads on one single wipe?!?!?!??! like soon i am going to be DEAD as a woman, and have to endure the SHAME and
    HUMILIATION and PAIN and SORROW of having NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT!?!??!?! like i cry endlessly like a big fat baby because i'm old and fat and am living my worst childhood nightmare come true, a woman living all alone whom nobody cares about, and don't
    even have a fucking boyfriend to speak of, let alone a husband or a family of my own, and have competely FAILED at everything, including even being a WOMAN!?!??!??!? how do you mean DID I MISS IT!?!??!?!? nobody's ever given me anything to Know what you
    mean by MISS. anyway, we all have our own definition of that word, MISS. some people wouldn't even call it a word. how can i answer that if you've got the nerve to ask me? do you ask the beatles THAT!?!??!?!?!?

    and it's so fucking itchy and kinda burning from itch, although i try so hard not to scratch it raw, it's not funny, and it's not like i haven't been taking showers or not changing underclothes. (and doing mild aerobics except hurt my back, strained a
    muscle badly....need to recover). in fact, it makes me even do it more, try harder not to get lazy and skip a day. i mean, it has even been the motivating factor to propel me INTO the shower, like you have to make sure you're doing EVERYTHING possible...
    omg, now i can't WAIT for this to be over....ykwim....i'll still buy chocolate once a month, even though it won't do anything for me anymore. 😉

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