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    you get nothing
    I don't eat meat and poultry unless I absolutely have to. I could
    easily afford to buy 100 turkeys if I chose. Turkeys take hours to
    cook I can eat grapes and potatoes and strawberries and cheese
    without having to cook.
    Do you eat pussy?  YUMMMMM....finger f**king good!

    I have never been complimented for my cunnilingus skills. I have a big
    dick don't have to go down although one of my buddies thinks he is the
    oral sex champion of Ont. Some stripper once dissed him for his lousy
    head technique in a bar and he he lost it and forced her to recant and
    apologize to everybody.

    TWILW gives great blumpkins

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    i'm out of cell right now

    He is all yours % !

    Poor binky, still can't fight his own battles, always needs to hide
    behind someone else.

    His mummy must be so proud of her "warrior" son.

    its usually the lesser intelligent person , that comments
    on the more intelligent person's , lack of intelligents,
    and we all think what we do has major significants

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