• Seeking lots of lady fu

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    I am a 34 year old bi man and I'm looking to meet good people I’m a qualified masseuse and yoga teacher did my training in India where i stayed for nine weeks and I loved it loads and loads if your lucky to meet me you’ll get the best massage you’
    ve had in a while that’s a promise I can Taylor the massage to your needs and also do some healing reiki healing or as I call it jist is energy work I love doing massage and also I combined yoga with it depending on the clients needs In my day to day
    job I’m a resin floor layer and a handy man I love to gain knowledge and do lots of reading I love to cook and eat only a plant base diet I am fussy about my work and do take pride in most things aspecaly when it come to things I like as well I’m
    soft hearted and I listen very well I do my best to concider others but I’m not going to live two lives just to make one other happy so yer yer so so if you like what you read get I touch

    oh and as for the sensual massage that’s a hole new world of job satisfaction well as it stands I love my working anyway just having the know how to do sensual or soft massage is just amazing being mindful of the persons needs anyway doing this massage
    is nice because it lets me get an bettter understanding of the persons sencees and seeing there body language it easy to work out I’m not going to go much in to detail I woulbdn’t want to bore you with a soft massage now would I lol

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