• The Rwandan genocide: still questions

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    Rwandan genocide: the complicity of a foreign power is now recognized.


    Can people who are not members of Facebook actually read that?

    Here is the gist of it, for those who cannot:

    Brow Steve
    20 July at 19:09 ·
    Rwandan genocide : France active participation is now proven

    google translate - Translation from French into English

    Do not forget that the main investigation into the Rwandan genocide, implicating the responsibility of France was never carried out.

    Active participation is now proven

    ‘Archives show French complicity in Rwandan genocide’


    Now, should there be an investigation into possible genocide planning
    by France? Is there enough evidence to launch such an investigation ?

    Remember .. «Between 1990 and 1994, mainly thanks to the support of
    France, the Rwandan army increased from 5,500 to 35,000 men. During
    this period, France supplied most of the heavy weapons, assault
    vehicles and helicopters used by the Rwandan government during the war
    against the RPF, through several channels (sale of arms by groups
    based in France, transfers direct and indirect materials of the French


    General knowledge — answer to Anthony Marsh

    "Operation Turquoise is a military operation organized by France and
    authorized by UN Security Council Resolution 929 of 22 June 1994
    the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda. Its mission is to "end the massacres
    wherever possible, possibly using force. " NOT REARM GENOCIDAIRES !
    what the French soldiers of Operation Turquoise did.


    Even today, 25 years later, the French government still keeps under
    the documents on Operation Turquoise, a UN HUMANITARIAN operation.

    In French :



    How can FRANCE keep secret UN documents?
    Please tell us exactly what France did. — Anthony Marsh

    Answer to Anthony Marsh

    google translate - Translation from French into English

    France kept secret its own archives on Operation Turquoise, an
    operation for humanitarian assistance and hide from complicity in the
    rwandan genocide. Public pressure forced the French government to make
    public, 27 years later, part of the archives of Operation Turquoise
    (the humanitarian assistance who hid the plan to massacre men, women
    and children who had no weapon to defend themselves), on January 20,
    2021. Follow the links:



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqtTmrLt8fk See less

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