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    Why was the Israeli army strong enough to win the 1948 war (United
    States, 20th century, Britain, Middle East, Israel, history)?
    Apart from Divine Intervention. Three practical reasons why Israel won
    the war: preparation, motivation and a shoutout to our friends in Czechoslovakia.

    Preparation. Arab hostilities to Jews had been building up for decades.
    That combined with the refugee crisis among Jews in Europe and the Arab
    world meant that the writing on the wall was plain to see. War was
    unavoidable. Ben Gurion’s key quality was pragmatism and he embodied the phrase “a time for peace and a time for war.”

    With war on the horizon, from 1945 on the yishuv (Jewish political
    organization in the Mandate for Palestine) started intensive
    preparations. They set up secret weapons factories and hundreds of
    hidden arms caches which are still being discovered today. They sought alliances with Druze and with Bedouin tribes. Men and women across
    Israel trained intensively for a war that could determine the continuity
    of Jewish peoplehood.

    Like the proverbial grasshopper and ant, the Arabs In Palestine didn't
    take the same steps to prepare. They were equally determined to win and
    to create their river to sea Arab state. But they didn't think
    preparation was necessary because, whereas the yishiv had to go it
    alone, Palestinian Arabs had the backing of the Arab League, a dozen
    countries and millions of soldiers at their disposal.

    Ultimately when it came down to it, the invading Arab armies, though
    they vastly outnumbered and outgunned Zionist paramilitaries, didn't
    have the Home Turf advantage. They didn't have the motivation, the
    unity, not the knowledge of the lay of the land. Reliance on foreign
    armies cost Arabs the war.

    Motivation: both sides wanted to win. Like really really wanted to win.
    But only one side felt they had no choice but to win.

    Early on in this war, mass hysteria gripped the country and hundreds of thousands of arabs fled. They weren't wrong to be afriad. As a result of
    the war, 1% of Jews and 1% of Arabs in the country were killed.

    So why didn't Jews flee en masse. Sure they were scared. This was the
    calling card for the Arab Liberation Army. Quite clear what the intent
    would be if they won.

    Here's the thing though. The war took place in 1948, not 2021. It was
    after one of the most demoralising and deadly events of Jewish history
    that had seen the majority of Jewish communities destroyed. If Palestine
    wasn't an option, where could they go.

    Europe? Not a chance.
    Arab states? Iraq and Yemen had already attacked their Jewish
    communities and other countries were turning more unfriendly by the day.
    The United States: The communities there in the 1940s were not empowered
    and anti-Semitism was at high levels. Besides the US wasn’t interested
    in absorbing thousands of Jews.

    They were a people with their backs against the wall. And fought like it.

    By contrast, the Palestinians Arabs thought they had friendly Arab
    countries to run to. They were later betrayed by these countries in the
    end though.

    During the 1948 war both sides used pyschological warfare to break the enemy’s morale. When Jews used it against the Arabs, they fled. When
    Arabs used it against Jews, it made them more likely to stand and fight,
    by making them afraid to lose.

    Those two factors had a major impact in helping Israel win a very uneven
    war. And shoutout to American pilots who commandeered airplanes to
    support the nascent state. And to Czechslovakia for being the only
    country to defy the UN arms embargo and arm Israel. The Arab states
    weren’t under embargo, so Israel was fighting with her hands tied behind
    her back.

    How Four Israeli Fighter Pilots Stopped A Massive Arab Invasion In 1948
    Four Israeli pilots with minimal training and primitive planes may have
    saved Israel from defeat by in 1948. https://www.businessinsider.com/four-israeli-aircraft-stopped-a-huge-arab-army-in-1948-2014-5

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    Stas Khirman
    · Fri
    IMHO Czechslovakia involvement was not based on pure friendship and
    certainly not on Stalin’s order.

    they sold arms to everyone who was willing to pay - including Syrian
    based Arab Liberation Army.

    Zionists just paid more.

    also due to left-leaning orientation prefer to buy bad plains from Czech instead of much better from Mexico

    A Rosen
    · Sat
    They still helped out Israel and deserve Israeli gratitude

    Although I have heard a few Czechs spin it as being an ideaological
    choice. They had been sold out to Germany in Munich pact and then sold
    to USSR after the war by the great powers so they didn't have much
    respect for the international community and their “arms embargo". But
    that might be revisionist

    Not to mention since their independence from USSR Czech Republic has had
    pretty good relations with Israel.

    Stas Khirman
    · Sat
    It maybe a reason as well. Beside a pure desire to get some hard currency

    Bob Clark
    · Sat
    1966 was also a great victory, such a small Country facing annihilation
    by Arab nations.

    Israel worked for 6 days, and, on the 7th could rest.

    Truly remarkable, written with respect. ( I remember those days) edit:
    memory not so good after all!! Revise to 1967, the 6 day war.

    Robert Leo
    · 9h ago
    Lots of veterans from WW2 made a big difference, Lu Lenard in the
    article was a US pilot in the pacific war.

    The Arab soldiers were brave but their military was mediocre and unprofessional.

    · Sat
    Israel wants to occupy the region for the sake of the religion it
    believes in, the Arabs are resisting this occupation, but there is no
    unity in the Arabs. The ones who support Israel are the USA, France and England, If Israel does not get support from these countries, Hamas can
    destroy Israel.
    We saved some of the Jews from the persecution of the Nazis, most
    Israelis do not know this well, you do not thank the Turks and you
    support the pkk/pyd….

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